Kordsa Launches REV Technologies, Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for the Electric Vehicle Market

In a strategic move reflecting its dedication to sustainable mobility, Kordsa, renowned for its expertise in tyre reinforcement, composite technologies, and compounding, has announced the launch of a new brand named REV Technologies. This initiative positions the company at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) market, reinforcing its commitment to the future of eco-friendly transportation solutions.

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April 9, 2024

The debut of REV Technologies took place at the Tire Technology Expo in Germany, signaling Kordsa's entry into the electric vehicle sector with a focus on innovation and collaboration. Doğan Sevim, the Chief Global Sales and Marketing Officer at Kordsa, highlighted the launch as a response to the growing presence of electric vehicles in the market. Sevim stated, "With the increasing market share of electric vehicles, we have diversified our portfolio in alignment with our sustainable mobility goal. With our new EV brand, REV Technologies, we further bolster our commitment to shaping the future of sustainable mobility."

Kordsa's introduction of REV Technologies is a direct response to customer demands for more sustainable and efficient vehicle solutions. Hüseyin Ateş, the company's Chief Technology Officer, outlined the brand's focus on delivering low rolling resistance, enhanced durability, and sustainability. Ateş remarked, "With REV Technologies, we not only enhance the performance of electric vehicles but also directly address tyre needs, contributing to vehicle efficiency and reducing carbon footprint."

The establishment of REV Technologies represents a significant step for Kordsa in its journey towards contributing to the development of sustainable mobility. By focusing on critical areas such as performance enhancement and environmental sustainability, Kordsa aims to meet the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market and drive forward the adoption of eco-friendly transportation solutions.

This initiative underscores Kordsa's proactive approach to innovation and its commitment to supporting the transition towards more sustainable transportation options. As the electric vehicle sector continues to grow, REV Technologies is poised to make a meaningful impact on the industry, offering a clear example of how companies can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for global mobility.

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