JCB DIGatron Equipped with BKT Tyres Makes a Groundbreaking Entrance at Monster Jam

The Monster Jam event in January witnessed the debut of the JCB DIGatron, a groundbreaking new Monster Jam truck. This latest addition to the Monster Jam fleet marks a significant partnership between Monster Jam and JCB, the world's leading privately-owned manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment.

The DIGatron, designed with the expertise of JCB's engineering team, draws inspiration from the iconic design and robustness of JCB's construction machinery. The truck is piloted by the current Monster Jam World Finals Racing champion, adding a layer of anticipation and excitement for fans.

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February 6, 2024

A Partnership Cemented in Power and Performance

The collaboration between Monster Jam and JCB not only introduces the JCB DIGatron into the thrilling world of Monster Jam but also establishes JCB as the Official Heavy Equipment Partner of Monster Jam. This partnership celebrates innovation and excellence, with the DIGatron truck embodying the spirit of both organizations. Its design, inspired by JCB's formidable construction equipment, showcases the synergy between heavy machinery engineering and high-octane entertainment.

BKT Tyres: The Choice for Champions

Equipped with 66-inch BKT tyres, the JCB DIGatron is set to dominate the arena with unmatched performance and agility. These specially-made tyres, inflated to an optimal 23 psi, are engineered to deliver the perfect bounce and durability needed for the intense demands of Monster Jam events. BKT's long-standing relationship with Monster Jam, dating back to 2014, has positioned it as the exclusive tyre sponsor, with its tyres being a critical component in the performance of Monster Jam trucks. This partnership highlights BKT's commitment to excellence, providing tyres that support the safety and spectacular capabilities of Monster Jam's vehicles.

A New Era for Monster Jam and JCB

The introduction of the JCB DIGatron to Monster Jam fans is more than just the unveiling of a new competitor. It represents a milestone in the partnership between Monster Jam and JCB, highlighting innovation, engineering excellence, and a shared passion for pushing the limits of performance. As Monster Jam continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the JCB DIGatron, supported by the resilience and performance of BKT tyres, is set to become a new fan favourite, embodying the spirit of competition and the thrill of the ride.


Driver Overview

JCB’s DIGatron will be driven by 2023 World Finals Champion, Tristan England who hails from Paris, Texas.

Tristan first arrived in Monster Jam working on his dad’s truck, Big Kahuna. In 2015, Tristan attended Monster Jam University and found himself with his own ride! England won tour championships in 2018, 2019 and 2023 and describes himself as “a crazy adrenaline junkie that never sits still!”

In 2023, England won his first Monster Jam World Finals racing championship.

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