India to Enhance Tyre Quality Standards by Excluding 70 Types from Exemption List

The Indian government is set to introduce stringent quality control norms. Starting from March 1, 2025, approximately 70 types and sizes of tyres, presently exempt, will now fall under mandatory quality control measures. This development will see the total number of tyre sizes and types subjected to these norms rise sharply from 600 to 960, marking a pivotal step towards curbing the influx of sub-standard tyre products into the Indian market.

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February 8, 2024

Strengthening Quality Control

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is at the forefront of this initiative, following recommendations from an inter-ministerial committee. The DPIIT is expected to announce an updated list encompassing 960 tyre sizes and types that will be subject to rigorous quality standards. This move not only aims to protect consumers from inferior products but also seeks to foster fair trade practices and enhance the overall quality of domestically manufactured tyres.

Focus on Domestic Production and Fair Trade

An official spokesperson revealed that the 70 tyres now included in the mandatory quality control list are produced by more than one manufacturer. This decision reflects the government's commitment to ensuring high-quality standards across the industry. The revision of the tyre exemption list is a regular exercise conducted by the inter-ministerial committee, geared towards preventing the importation of sub-standard products and promoting fairness in trade practices.

Furthermore, the government has tightened controls on tyre imports. Importers now require a licence to bring new pneumatic tyres into India, a shift from the previous 'free' import policy. This change underscores the government's dedication to safeguarding the domestic tyre industry from unfair competition and ensuring that only high-quality tyres are available to Indian consumers.

Exemptions and Import Regulations

While the new regulations will subject 960 tyre sizes and types to mandatory quality checks, there remains a list of 890 tyre sizes and types that are not domestically produced and are thus exempt from these norms. These exemptions aim to ensure that the market's needs are met without compromising on quality standards.

With these measures set to take effect in March 2025, the tyre industry in India is poised for a significant transformation, promising greater quality assurance and consumer satisfaction in the years to come.

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