IGA BIG Awards 2023 Raises £10,000 for Leading Automotive Charity, Ben

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September 26, 2023

In a display of unity and generosity, the automotive community rallied together at the Independent Garage Association (IGA) BIG Awards 2023. The event, which has always been a cornerstone for the industry, took on an even more significant role this year as it successfully raised £10,000 for the esteemed automotive charity, Ben.

The funds raised are earmarked to assist Ben in its ongoing mission to provide essential support to individuals within the automotive sector. This support ranges from financial assistance to emotional and mental health resources, ensuring that no one in the industry faces challenges alone.

Stuart James, the CEO of IGA, expressed his gratitude to the attendees and donors, stating, “I want to extend my thanks to everyone who generously donated to Ben at the BIG Awards. Our sector is built on a foundation of helping one another, and this donation will help provide vital support to our fellow automotive workers and their families.”

The sentiment was further echoed as James highlighted the current challenges faced by many, not just within the automotive sector but globally. “As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and in light of the current cost-of-living crisis, there has never been a more important time for our industry to unite to help those in need,” he added.

Ben stands as a beacon of hope for many in the automotive industry. As a trusted charity, it offers free support for life to anyone who has ever been a part of the automotive world, including their dependents. Their commitment to alleviating financial, emotional, and mental health worries for those facing challenges in the automotive sector is unwavering.

For those interested in learning more about Ben or wishing to contribute to their noble cause, further details are available on their official website: https://ben.org.uk/.

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