How to Choose the Perfect BKT Tyre for Your Industrial Needs

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BKT Tire
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March 21, 2024

Navigating the industrial landscape requires more than just functionality from equipment; it demands excellence in every aspect of operation, including the selection of tyres.

BKT offers a comprehensive guide to assist in selecting the appropriate tyres for material handling equipment, tailored to specific operational needs and environments.

As Piero Torassa, Field Engineering Manager at BKT, suggests, understanding the intended use of equipment and its operational environment is crucial. Tyres influence not only the smoothness of operations but also the safety of personnel and the longevity of the machinery itself. An informed tyre choice is therefore essential for seamless and safe material handling.

Different types of tyres include:

  • Solid Tyres: Renowned for their puncture resistance, making them suitable for environments with sharp objects and rough surfaces, thus minimising downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Cross-ply Tyres: Known for their resistance to impacts and punctures, offering enhanced stability and comfort on uneven terrains, and capable of handling heavier loads.
  • Radial Tyres: Characterised by fuel efficiency, increased durability, and a smoother ride at higher speeds, suitable for operations that cover larger distances.

When choosing tyres, consider:

  • Surface Conditions: Tyres should be selected based on the operating surface, whether indoor or outdoor, rough or smooth, to ensure optimal performance.
  • Exposure to Chemicals and Temperature: Tyres must withstand environmental conditions, including chemical resistance and operating temperatures.
  • Load Capacity and Tyre Size: It's critical to choose tyres with the appropriate load capacity and size to avoid premature wear and safety hazards.

BKT's innovations in tyres include:

  • LIFTMAX LM 81: Designed for forklifts and industrial tractors, offering low wear and extended life.
  • MAGLIFT (RIM GUARD): Tailored for heavy-duty industrial and logistics operations, providing exceptional traction and a high load capacity.
  • SNOW GRIP: Ideal for operations in low-temperature environments, offering excellent stability and braking performance on icy surfaces.

By considering various factors and choosing tyres that meet the unique requirements of the sector, businesses can trust in BKT tyres for their standards of quality and functionality, contributing to efficient and safe material handling processes.

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