Holley Unveils Strategic Rebrand to Drive Future Growth in Automotive Aftermarket

Holley Inc. (NYSE: HLLY) has announced a pivotal shift in its branding strategy, transitioning from Holley Performance Products to Holley Performance Brands. This change signifies a major step in the company's evolution, highlighting its commitment to broadening its reach and enhancing its impact across the high-performance automotive aftermarket sector. With a history rich in automotive excellence, Holley's rebranding initiative is set to propel the company into a new era of growth and innovation, emphasizing its dedication to not only preserving its storied legacy but also to embracing the future with open arms.

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March 20, 2024

At the heart of this strategic rebranding is Holley's decision to diversify its market approach. Moving away from its traditional focus on classic muscle and truck performance parts, the company has now organised its vast range of offerings into specific vertical categories: Domestic Muscle, Modern Truck & Off-Road, Euro & Import, and Safety & Racing. This realignment enables Holley Performance Brands to cater to a broader, more varied customer base, ensuring specialized products and services that meet the unique needs of each segment. It's a move that promises to enhance customer engagement and adaptability in the dynamic automotive aftermarket landscape.

Matthew Stevenson, President and CEO of Holley, expressed his enthusiasm for the rebranding, stating, "The rebranding to Holley Performance Brands marks a significant milestone in our journey. Our strong and diversified brand portfolio and alignment along our new vertical groupings are fueling our transformation and will help drive innovation and growth. This change propels us into an exciting new era of automotive performance and reflects that Holley Performance Brands is not just about parts but part of something more powerful.”

The revamped Holley Performance Brands portfolio showcases the synergistic power of its iconic brands, such as APR®, Dinan®, Simpson®, Stilo®, and Flowmaster®, among others. This collective strength aims to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, focusing on enjoyment, performance, and safety. These renowned brands, known for their innovation and quality, are crucial to Holley's strategy to meet the evolving demands of automotive enthusiasts around the globe.

In addition to rebranding, Holley is dedicated to fostering a vibrant work culture and making strategic investments in innovation. The company's approach to smart simplicity is expected to streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and bolstering its industry footprint. This strategic focus is designed to energize its teams, accelerate growth, and supercharge customer satisfaction, ensuring Holley Performance Brands remains competitive and agile in a rapidly changing market.

As Holley Performance Brands embarks on this transformative journey, it will gradually introduce its new branding across various branded and marketing assets. The company reassures that Holley Inc will retain its corporate identity and continue to trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol HLLY, marking a thoughtful transition into a future of limitless potential in the automotive aftermarket sector.

Visit: https://www.holley.com

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