HB Dennis Airside Service Enhances Customer Trust with TreadReader Technology

Located conveniently north of Dublin, near the city’s airport, HB Dennis Airside Service specialises in Land Rover vehicles and has made a significant improvement to its customer service and operational efficiency by implementing TreadReader’s DriveOver ramp tyre measurement system in May 2021.

This advanced system has been instrumental in providing a transparent and accurate tyre assessment service, addressing the common customer concern of unnecessary tyre replacement recommendations.

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April 9, 2024

Laurence Poole, the director of HB Dennis, shared insights into how the DriveOver system has transformed the way they communicate tyre conditions to their customers. "It generates a printout of all four tyres for each client, showing a 3D image of the tread that highlights different zones across each tyre and displays the depth. It's a detailed and effective tool," Poole explains.

Strategically positioned at the entrance of the workshop, the DriveOver ramp not only facilitates a quick tyre tread inspection but also serves as a visual proof for customers, reinforcing the garage's dedication to transparency. The technology scans up to 400,000 measurement points with a fine accuracy, offering a more comprehensive tyre assessment than traditional methods.

The DriveOver system is designed to fit the needs of various automotive service providers, offering both surface-mounted and in-ground installation options. Its introduction at HB Dennis Airside Service has not only streamlined operations but also significantly boosted customer confidence.

Poole recounts a particular instance where the system's immediate and accurate analysis helped a customer avoid unnecessary tyre replacements, leading to a highly positive review and the conversion of the individual into a regular client. "This just gives us that layer of transparency and honesty that we need in the industry. It's been a great tool for us," Poole added.

With plans to expand into airport parking services, offering a concierge collection service that includes 'while-you-travel' vehicle repairs, HB Dennis intends to install an additional DriveOver ramp at its new off-airport parking facility. This expansion signifies the garage's commitment to providing convenient and trustworthy services.

The adoption of TreadReader’s DriveOver ramp at HB Dennis Airside Service represents a forward-thinking approach to automotive care, prioritising customer trust and service quality in an industry where transparency is highly valued.

Visit: https://www.hbdennisautoservice.ie

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