Hawthorns Logistics Renews Contract with Prometeon Tyre Group

Hawthorns Logistics, a prominent family-run business based in Washington, Sunderland, has proudly announced the renewal of its 12-month Pay-as-You-Go contract with the renowned Prometeon Tyre Group. The updated contract encompasses Prometeon's advanced central billing tool, PRO Management.

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Prometeon Tyre Group
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September 11, 2023

Hawthorns Logistics, known for its extensive fleet of primarily refrigerated vehicles, operates 28 tractor units and 50 trailers. These vehicles are on the move seven days a week, 24 hours a day, covering vast distances from the North East of England to London and stretching up to Scotland. Remarkably, each vehicle in this high-mileage fleet covers over 260,000km annually.

The company's fleet plays a pivotal role in the UK's supply chain, collecting a diverse range of chilled and ambient products, including yoghurts, meats, salads, fruits, and vegetables. These products are sourced from specialized chilled distribution operators along the East Coast of England and are subsequently delivered to Regional Delivery Centres across the UK. In addition to these core operations, a segment of the fleet is dedicated to delivering plastic mouldings and car parts for automotive giants Jaguar Land Rover and BMW. Recently, Hawthorns Logistics has also ventured into the earth-moving equipment sector with a single low loader vehicle.

Interestingly, the company's peak delivery hours fall between 22:00 and 05:00. Despite the roads being relatively traffic-free during these hours, diversions and roadworks often pose challenges. This makes the role of a reliable tyre operator, like Prometeon, indispensable.

Chris Kilsby, Director of Hawthorns Logistics, shed light on the significance of their partnership with Prometeon. "We replace 30 to 40 tyres monthly, and our reliance on Prometeon to ensure our trucks meet their delivery schedules is paramount. Their swift and efficient service, as evidenced by their rapid response on the A1, has been nothing short of impressive," Kilsby remarked.

When queried about the decision to renew their contract with Prometeon, Kilsby emphasized the company's loyalty to suppliers who resonate with their commitment to quality and customer service. "Prometeon and their dealers have consistently delivered top-notch service over the past year. We eagerly anticipate strengthening our collaboration with them," he added.

Prometeon's contribution goes beyond just service. They supply their premium PIRELLI branded TR01T drive tyre for the Hawthorns fleet. These tyres, known for their robust tread and grip, have been particularly beneficial during challenging weather conditions, ensuring safety and punctuality.

Jamie Courtnage, Prometeon's Business Development Manager, expressed his enthusiasm about the renewed partnership. "We are thrilled to continue our association with Hawthorns Logistics. Together, we aim to achieve unparalleled time management, efficiency, and safety for their fleet. Our dedicated tyre dealer network and we remain committed to delivering the exceptional products and services that Hawthorns expects," Courtnage concluded.


Prometeon Tyre Group is the only tyre manufacturer that focuses entirely on the Industrial, namely transport of goods and people, Agro and OTR sectors. Prometeon has a multi-brand offer, with a product portfolio that includes PIRELLI, FORMULA, PHAROS and ANTEO among its main brands. The Group has 4 production plants (2 in Brazil, 1 in Egypt and 1 in Turkey), 3 Research & Development facilities (Italy, Brazil and Turkey) and a Development Centre in Egypt. Approximately 8 thousand people of over 40 nationalities work within the Group, which is present in all 5 continents.

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