Hankook Unveils iON FlexClimate, the Ultimate All-Season Tyre for Electric Vehicles

Hankook, a leader in the tyre industry, has once again raised the bar with the introduction of its iON FlexClimate, the first all-season tyre specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs) in the European market. This groundbreaking tyre joins the ranks of Hankook's iON evo summer tyre and iON I*cept winter tyre, completing a state-of-the-art tyre family that caters to both current and future generations of electric vehicles.

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Hankook Tyre
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October 24, 2023

The iON FlexClimate is not just limited to EVs; it can also be used on conventional vehicles with combustion or hybrid drives, where it showcases its superiority over traditional tyres in terms of energy consumption, noise level, resource conservation, and durability.

Key Features of the iON FlexClimate:

Excellent Performance in Wet and Snowy Conditions:

Special 3D sipes in the tread provide exceptional grip on wet, dry, and light snowy surfaces.

The ProGrip tread mixture, made from high-density silica and sustainable raw materials, ensures optimal adhesion on wet surfaces.

High sipe density and additional grooves in the tread blocks deliver excellent traction and braking performance in snow.

The tyre carries the M+S and 3PMSF labels, making it suitable for year-round use in many European countries.

Optimized for Electric Vehicles:

A reinforced belt with durable aramid fibers and even load distribution across the tread accommodates the typically higher weight of EVs.

The increased sidewall rigidity, thanks to the new Grip Boost technology, enhances driving comfort and vehicle control.

Outstanding Rolling Resistance:

The special tread mixture, rich in natural resin, ensures durability and reduced abrasion.

The modern mixing process and Hankook Opti-Cure technology minimize unnecessary tread movements, further reducing energy loss and rolling resistance.

Low Noise Level:

The iON tyre family is equipped with Hankook I Sound Absorber technology and designed to be aerodynamic, ensuring a low noise level.

Innovative Technology System:

The iON FlexClimate benefits from Hankook's newly introduced "iON Innovative Technology" system, which encompasses four key technologies: I Sound Absorber, I Super Mileage, I Perfect Grip, and I Extreme Lightness. This system is based on approximately 58 patented technologies, including patents for noise reduction, ProDurable compound technology, and Round Even technology, which guarantees an extremely even contact pressure on the road.


The iON FlexClimate will be available in Europe starting October 2023, initially in 8 sizes for passenger cars and SUVs, with plans to expand the size portfolio in the short term to include other common sizes between 17 and 21 inches.

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