Hankook Unveils Innovations at Tire Cologne 2024

Leading the Charge: New iON GT for Electric Vehicles and e-SMART City AU56 for Electric Buses

Hankook, a prominent name in the tyre industry, is set to showcase an array of innovative products at Tire Cologne 2024 from 4 to 6 June. This year's highlights include the introduction of the new iON GT tyre for electric vehicles and the e-SMART City AU56 tyre, specifically designed for electric city buses.

These advancements underscore Hankook's commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.

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Hankook Tire
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May 16, 2024

Pioneering Sustainability with the iON GT

A notable addition to Hankook's iON series, the iON GT tyre is engineered for electric saloon cars, city cars, and SUVs. Made predominantly from recycled and renewable materials, this tyre exemplifies Hankook's dedication to sustainability. The iON GT has received ISCC PLUS certification, further validating its eco-friendly credentials. Initially available for passenger cars, an SUV version is set to follow, catering to a broader range of electric vehicles.

Introducing the e-SMART City AU56

In a significant development for the public transportation sector, Hankook will premiere the e-SMART City AU56 tyre. This new offering is tailored for electric buses, promising enhanced durability and performance. The e-SMART City AU56 features a higher tread wear durability range per battery charge compared to standard tyres and is capable of safely transmitting the high torque of electric vehicles to the road. Additionally, the tyre's design has been optimised for a higher weight rating, essential for electric buses.

The development of the e-SMART City AU56 involved cutting-edge technologies such as AI-assisted design, digital twin technology, and 3D-printed tread moulds. Furthermore, the tyre is designed for regrooving and retreading, contributing significantly to resource conservation and waste reduction.

Commitment to Circular Economy

Beyond its innovative product offerings, Hankook is also making strides in promoting the circular economy. The company will be represented at the AZuR stand with its Alphatread hot retread brand for commercial vehicle tyres. As a partner in the Allianz Zukunft Reifen (AZuR) network since 2023, Hankook supports the recycling of used tyres, aiming to minimise waste and preserve resources.

Looking Ahead

Hankook's presence at Tire Cologne 2024 highlights the company's dual focus on innovation and sustainability. By advancing tyre technology for electric vehicles and promoting resource-efficient practices, Hankook is positioning itself at the forefront of the mobility revolution.

Visitors can explore these innovations at Stand C040 D049 in Hall 8.1, where Hankook's commitment to a sustainable future will be on full display.

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