Hankook to Unveil Innovative Electric Bus Tyre at Road Transport Expo 2024

Hankook Tyre is set to present an impressive display at this year's Road Transport Expo, held from 4th to 6th June at NAEC Stoneleigh in Warwickshire.

Among its wide-ranging TBR (Truck and Bus Radial) portfolio, the highlight is undoubtedly the e-SMART City AU56, a pioneering tyre designed specifically for electric city buses. This launch aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions and marks a significant milestone in Hankook's product development trajectory.

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April 11, 2024

The Road Transport Expo, now in its third year, has rapidly become a cornerstone event for the commercial vehicle industry. It draws more than 200 exhibitors, ranging from major truck and trailer manufacturers to parts specialists and professional services. For Hankook Tyre UK, Stand R42 will not only be a platform to showcase its latest offerings but also an opportunity to reinforce its reputation for high-quality, durable tyres that promise an excellent return on investment.

Hankook's investment in tyre technology is evident in the design of the e-SMART City AU56. Engineered to meet the unique demands of electric vehicles, this tyre boasts low rolling resistance to extend the range per battery charge, reduced noise levels for enhanced passenger comfort, and the durability to manage the high torque and heavy loads characteristic of electric buses.

In addition to the e-SMART City AU56, Hankook will also display its SmartFlex series, including the AL51 and DL51, designed for hybrid usage across regional and long-distance transport. These tyres represent the pinnacle of Hankook's innovation, offering longevity and retreadability, underscoring the company's focus on sustainability and efficiency.

Under the leadership of Jon Cottrell, UK Truck Sales Manager, Hankook continues to strengthen its position in the UK's truck tyre replacement market. The development of Laufenn truck tyres, showcased alongside Hankook's premier products, demonstrates the company's strategic approach to expanding its market share while providing value and environmental benefits to its customers.

Cottrell emphasises Hankook's enthusiasm for participating in the Road Transport Expo, viewing it as an invaluable platform for demonstrating the company's advanced tyre technology and commitment to sustainability. The e-SMART City AU56, alongside Hankook's broader efforts in 3D metal tread moulds and AI-aided design, showcases the company's dedication to advancing the performance and efficiency of electric commercial vehicles.

Visitors to the expo, particularly those involved in commercial vehicle operations, are encouraged to engage with the Hankook team at Stand R42 for expert advice on tyre selection that aligns with both performance needs and environmental considerations.

For those interested in attending, registration for a free ticket is available at www.roadtransportexpo.co.uk

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