Hankook Tire Revolutionises EV Tire Sector with Advanced AI-Driven Customer Insight System

Hankook Tire & Technology (Hankook Tire) has unveiled a pioneering Voice of Customer (VOC) analysis system tailored for electric vehicles (EVs), leveraging the advanced capabilities of the generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform, ChatGPT. This strategic development is set to propel Hankook Tire to the forefront of technological innovation and bolster its competitive edge in the quality of EV tires.

Since the onset of the year, Hankook Tire has been in active collaboration with leading data cloud computing giants, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake. This partnership aims to construct an integrated VOC data analysis system, laying the foundation for a quality management system designed to spearhead the industry with premier EV tire technologies.

The newly minted VOC system by Hankook Tire has significantly enhanced the reliability of data collection. It achieves this by substantially mitigating the effects of "hallucination," a term coined to describe the phenomenon where generative AI platforms confidently present inaccurate information. This issue is currently viewed as one of the most substantial challenges in generative AI. Utilising AWS's Bedrock platform, Hankook Tire has analysed an extensive array of VOC gathered online in real-time, establishing a monitoring system that can be immediately deployed in the field.

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November 9, 2023

With this sophisticated analysis system, Hankook Tire is poised to proactively cater to the varied requirements of EV customers. The company plans to harness in-depth insights and apply them extensively across the entire product lifecycle, encompassing development, production, and quality management. The integration of VOC and performance test data analysis is anticipated to notably enhance the technology and quality competitiveness of iON, Hankook Tire's exclusive tire brand for EVs.

In the course of developing these innovative VOC capabilities, Hankook Tire has also successfully completed the construction of an integrated analysis platform. This platform includes a quality early warning system, a quality-related monitoring system known as "Q-Portal," and an "Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)" quality analysis system.

This new integrated analysis platform facilitates user access to data, enabling them to seamlessly incorporate it into their business operations. As a cloud-based service, the system boasts high stability and eliminates the need for maintenance, fostering a culture where data is fluidly utilized by all team members. The access to this data network is expected to yield deeper insights and significantly enhance business value.

In the meantime, Hankook & Company Group, the parent entity of Hankook Tire, is rapidly propelling digital innovation. It continues to fortify partnerships with AI and big data specialists, including AWS, Snowflake, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Over the past four years, the conglomerate has executed a total of 22 digital projects with KAIST, culminating in achievements such as optimized R&D efficiency, increased productivity, and the internalization of crucial technological expertise.

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