Hankook Tire introduces new technology system for EV-exclusive tyre brand 'iON'

Hankook Tire & Technology (Hankook Tire) has unveiled its state-of-the-art technology system exclusively for its 'iON' tyre brand, tailored for electric vehicles (EVs).

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Hankook Tire
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August 30, 2023

A Leap in R&D and Customer Communication

Hankook Tire's commitment to accelerating the R&D process is evident with the introduction of the 'iON INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY'. This system, named after the iON brand, represents a significant step forward in EV tyre technology. The brand's dedication to enhancing customer communication is also evident, aiming to provide clarity on the unique attributes of EVs and the necessity of specialized tyres.

Impressive Performance Metrics

Internal tests by Hankook Tire have showcased the iON's superior performance. The tyre boasts up to:

- 18% reduction in cabin noise
- 15% increase in tyre lifespan
- 10% boost in driving stability
- 6% enhancement in MPGe efficiency

These figures underscore the importance of specialized technologies tailored for electric vehicles.


The 'iON INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY' stands on four core tyre technologies, each addressing specific EV attributes:

- Sound Absorber (Noise)
- Super Mileage (Wear)
- Perfect Grip (Grip)
- Extreme Lightness (LRR)

These core technologies further branch out into 15 detailed components, streamlining the R&D process.

A Wealth of Patented Technologies

At the heart of the 'iON INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY' are 58 commercialised patent technologies, with 9 patents applied to the iON brand. These include innovations like the 'Noise Guard' and the ProDurable Compound, which extend tyre life. The technology also incorporates cutting-edge solutions like the Grip Claw and the ProGrip Compound, enhancing tyre grip and handling.

Global Expansion

After its European debut in May last year, the iON brand expanded to the Korean and North American markets. As of May 2023, iON has also penetrated China, the world's largest EV market. These milestones solidify Hankook tyre's reputation as a dominant force in the EV tyre sector.

Hankook to Showcase its iON tyre family at the London EV Show

Hankook is set to showcase its groundbreaking iON tyre range at the London EV Show, Europe's premier event for the electric vehicle industry.

From the 28th to the 30th of November, attendees at ExCel London can witness the future of EV tyres at Stand number ES11.

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