Hankook Tire Europe Expands Retread Alphatread Range Amid Industry Challenges

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Hankook | Hankook retreading factory in Hammelburg.
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February 19, 2024

Hankook Tire Europe GmbH is defying industry challenges by expanding production and diversifying its Retread Alphatread product range.

In a recent video release, Guy Heywood, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Strategy at Hankook Tire Europe GmbH, outlined the company's strategic decision to expand production and the product range of its Retread Alphatread products.

Investing in Sustainability and Value

While the retread tyre market faces significant pressures in the European Union, Hankook Tire Europe is bucking the trend. Despite a downturn in sales and the closure of retread factories, the company is prioritizing sustainability and value. Heywood emphasized, "We are committed to helping our fleet and dealer partners extract 100% of the value we build into our TBR Premium tyres."

A Win-Win-Win Strategy

Hankook's strategy revolves around encouraging proper tyre management practices to minimize costs, fuel usage, and environmental impact. By focusing on correct fitment, maintaining proper pressures, regrooving to approved patterns, and retreading used tyres, the company aims for a "win-win-win strategy" benefiting all stakeholders in the mobility industry.

The Alphatread Advantage

The Alphatread retread brand, manufactured under license by independent retreading plants across Europe, is known for its high-quality, hot-cure products. Covering various commercial vehicle tyres, Alphatread prioritizes sustainability, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Hankook Tire's investment in expanding the Alphatread range and production facilities underscores its commitment to quality, sustainability, and delivering more cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions. A hot cured Alphatread tyre enables savings ….

- 70% of the original raw materials in the new tyre

- 29% less land use – from growing the rubber which is reused

- 24% C02 emissions – from reduced material processing

- 19% water consumption – in the retread tyre processing

Source : Ernst and Young report – The socio economic impact of truck tyre retreading in Europe

Hankook SMARTLife policy –

The company's SMARTLife policy, encompassing: New tyre > Regrooved new tyre > Alphatread tyre > Regrooved Alphatread tyre, allows fleet partners to extract up to 250% mileage performance for an investment of 190% of the cost.

(New tyre 100%, regroove 25%, Alphatread 100% and second regroove 25%) for an investment of 190% of the cost (100% new tyre, Regroove cost 10%, Alphatread cost 70% and second regroove cost 10%).

This strategic focus not only aims to offer more dimensions in tyre solutions but also to extract all the value built into their premium new truck tyres. By extending tyre life through regrooving, fleets can achieve substantial CO2 and fuel savings, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future for the industry.

For further information on Hankook's SMARTLife policy, visit Hankook SMARTLife Solutions

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