Guizhou Tyre Unveils Maiden All-Steel Engineering Radial Tyre in Major Production Milestone

Guizhou Tyre, also known as Advance Tyre, has achieved a pivotal milestone with the rollout of the inaugural tyre from its state-of-the-art all-steel engineering radial tyre (OTR) project. This advancement marks a significant leap forward for the company's production capacity, expected to hit an impressive 380,000 tyres annually upon full operation.

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Guizhou Tyre
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January 9, 2024

Project Overview

The completion of the all-steel engineering tyre production line is part of the fourth phase expansion at the Guizhou Tyre Xiuwen Factory, encompassing a sprawling area spanning 123,000 square metres. Comprising eight distinct projects within its ambit, the construction, overseen by the China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Installation Engineering Co. Ltd (CCFEDIE), includes dedicated spaces such as the all-steel engineering radial tyre workshop, a public engineering workshop, and a mould workshop.

Construction Milestones

Commencing its construction trajectory in October 2022, the all-steel engineering tyre project swiftly progressed, reaching a significant juncture with the completion of its primary structure by 31st May 2023. Subsequently, in August of the same year, CCFEDIE undertook the vital interior decoration and electromechanical installations to culminate in the project's finalization. Notably, on November 13, 2023, the project attained completion and underwent successful acceptance procedures.

Production Potential

Upon reaching full operational capacity, the all-steel engineering radial tyre project is slated to significantly bolster Guizhou Tyre's production capabilities, projecting an impressive annual output of 380,000 high-quality tyres. This heralds a pivotal stride in the company's commitment to innovation and expansion within the engineering radial tyre sector.

This accomplishment positions the company at the vanguard of engineering tyre manufacturing, paving the way for heightened competitiveness and quality in the global market.

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