GT Radial Expands Winter Tyre Range with New WinterPro2 'evo' and 'Sport' Variants

In anticipation of the upcoming 2023/24 winter season, GT Radial, a trusted name in the tyre industry, is set to bolster its winter tyre portfolio with two exciting additions - the WinterPro2 'evo' and the WinterPro2 'Sport' variants. These new offerings, designed to enhance driving safety and performance during winter conditions, are sure to capture the attention of European dealers and motorists alike.

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GT Radial
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September 19, 2023

Expanded Range, Enhanced Performance

The GT Radial WinterPro2 'evo' arrives in a comprehensive range of 44 sizes, catering to rims ranging from 13 to 17 inches, section widths from 155 to 245, and series sizes from 50 to 80. Manufacturer Giti Tire has also introduced 14 new sizes to the GT Radial WinterPro2 'Sport,' primarily targeting performance vehicles. This brings the total number of sizes for the WinterPro2 'Sport' to an impressive 23. These expansions are poised to meet the diverse needs of European motorists navigating winter's challenging road conditions.

One standout feature of the GT Radial WinterPro2 'evo' is its new compound, which promises an 8% improvement in wet braking, 5% in wet handling, and 3-4% in dry handling, as confirmed by rigorous testing conducted by Giti. Remarkably, these enhancements do not compromise the tyre's highly regarded snow and ice performance. Designed to provide traction on snow, grip on wet roads, and shorter braking distances, the 'evo' assures both mileage and comfort for passenger cars and smaller CUV and SUV vehicles.

The WinterPro2 Sport for Enthusiasts

For drivers of high-powered passenger cars and premium SUVs seeking top-notch handling and sporty driving even in snowy conditions, the GT Radial WinterPro2 'Sport' is a game-changer. With rim sizes now ranging from 17 to 19 inches, section widths from 205 to 245, and series sizes from 35 to 65, this variant is tailored to cater to the performance-conscious motorist.

The 'Sport' features a scimitar-shaped directional profile with sharp edges to enhance grip on snow and wet roads. Additionally, it boasts large shoulder blocks with multi T-bars for stability and a precise Ultra-High Performance (UHP) handling experience. The ultra-wide grooves aid in rapid water evacuation for firm braking, while optimized deep traction sipes deliver high-performance snow traction and braking. To top it off, a fine-tuned compound, profile, and construction reduce rolling resistance, contributing to improved fuel efficiency without compromising safety.

Both the WinterPro2 'evo' and 'Sport' bear the coveted Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, signifying their approval for fitment in markets with laws governing winter tyre usage.

A Word from the Experts

Fabio Pecci-Boriani, Senior Product Manager PCR, SUV, Light Truck for Giti Tire (Europe), emphasised the significant strides made in improving the 'evo' variant while retaining its snow and ice performance. He also highlighted the enhanced options for sports cars and large SUVs, with an array of new sizes, including the much-anticipated 235/35R19 size for compact hot hatches. These developments underscore Giti Tire's commitment to providing motorists with the right tire options for safe and enjoyable winter driving.

Innovation in Germany

Both the GT Radial WinterPro2 'evo' and 'Sport' are the fruits of labor from Giti Tire's European Research & Development Centre, located in Hannover, Germany. This speaks to the brand's dedication to engineering tyres that meet the exacting standards of European motorists, who demand top-tier performance, especially during the cold and slippery winter months.

As winter approaches, GT Radial's expansion of its winter tyre range is poised to benefit European drivers, offering them enhanced safety, performance, and peace of mind on winter roads. With an array of sizes and features, these new variants cater to a wide spectrum of vehicles, ensuring that motorists can confidently tackle winter's challenges while enjoying their vehicles to the fullest.

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