Giti Tire Launches Mercury Fleet Management Programme

In a bid to revolutionise fleet management, Giti Tire has unveiled its latest offering, the Mercury fleet management programme. This innovative solution is tailored to provide a comprehensive and efficient fleet management experience, with a focus on online real-time reporting and visibility across all core operational areas.

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Giti Tire's Mercury: A Game-Changer in Fleet Management

The Mercury fleet management programme was soft-launched last September, with select UK-based key fleet customers. Now, Giti Tire is proud to extend this value-added service to all its contracted truck and bus customers. As a cloud-based system, Mercury offers 24/7 visibility of all work performed by Giti Service Partners at operators' depots and on the roadside. The scope of visibility includes job sheets, service items, casing control, and associated costs. Moreover, immediate invoicing features and dedicated help desk support enhance the overall efficiency of fleet management.

A Synergistic Approach: Mercury and Giti Fleet

Mercury operates in conjunction with Giti Fleet, Giti Tire's end-to-end complete tyre solutions service. Giti Fleet is designed to optimize operational costs and enhance overall business competitiveness for fleet owners. This comprehensive service encompasses a wide array of offerings, including products, maintenance, quality monitoring, retreading, technical support, and 24-hour roadside assistance.

Empowering Mobility with Giti Fleet Check App (G-App)

To ensure seamless access to real-time information, Giti introduces the newly launched Giti Fleet Check App (G-App). This user-friendly mobile application empowers service partners and fleets with effective vehicle fleet check management controls and reporting at various levels. By staying up-to-date with critical data, fleet managers can make well-informed decisions for enhanced fleet performance.

Ensuring Compliance with Retorque App (RT-App)

Rrecognising the importance of safety and adherence to policies, Giti Tire will also introduce the Retorque App (RT-App). This innovative tool enables transport and fleet managers to receive live updates and ensure proper compliance with retorque policies. By implementing advanced tracking mechanisms, Giti Tire aims to enhance the safety and longevity of tyres in their fleets.

Tony McHugh's Insights: A Proven Track Record

Tony McHugh, TBR Sales and Marketing Director UK at Giti Tire, expresses his excitement about the Mercury fleet management programme. He emphasises the tireless efforts behind its development, with a track record of successful implementation with key fleet customers for the past ten months. The results are tangible, as fleets report operational and economic benefits from utilising the Mercury system.

Giti Tire's Competitive Edge

Tony McHugh further highlights that Giti Tire is not just a mid-market truck and bus manufacturer; it offers a host of value-added fleet services comparable to premium brands. The integration of the Mercury fleet management programme, an impressive portfolio of truck and bus tyres, including the Giti GSR236 Combi Road and Giti GSR237 Combi Road steer tyres, a reliable retread programme through Genesis, and a complete fleet management solution sets Giti Tire apart from its competitors.

What is the key feature of Giti's Mercury fleet management programme?

Mercury offers online real-time reporting across all core operational areas, providing visibility of work carried out by Giti Service Partners at all times.

How does Giti Fleet enhance fleet performance?

Giti Fleet is an end-to-end complete tyre solutions service that optimizes operational costs and offers various services, including maintenance, retreading, and technical support.

What benefits does the Giti Fleet Check App (G-App) provide?

G-App empowers fleet managers with vehicle fleet check management controls and reporting at different levels, ensuring up-to-the-minute information.

Why is the Retorque App (RT-App) significant for fleet managers?

RT-App enables managers to view live updates and ensure compliance with retorque policies, enhancing tyre safety and longevity.

What sets Giti Tire apart from its competitors?

Giti Tire's integration of the Mercury fleet management programme, a diverse tyre portfolio, reliable retread programme, and complete fleet management solution makes it a top choice for fleet owners.

How long has the Mercury fleet management programme been in development?

The programme has undergone two years of development before its successful soft-launch last September.

Giti Tire's Mercury fleet management programme is set to redefine how fleet owners manage their operations. With its cloud-based system, real-time reporting, and seamless integration with Giti Fleet, it offers a comprehensive solution for optimising performance and reducing operational costs.

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