GB Tyres' Strategic Alliances: Pioneering the Future of Tyre Distribution

Established in the West Midlands in 2012, GB Tyres has swiftly emerged as one of Europe's fastest-growing tyre importers and exporters.

While its growth trajectory is impressive, the company's core remains rooted in its family-run ethos, emphasising excellent customer service and a commitment to quality.

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GB Tyres
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September 1, 2023

Premium and Exclusive Brands

GB Tyres boasts one of Europe's most extensive stocks of commercial vehicle tyres, offering a diverse range of products. While the company provides all the premium names that seasoned industry professionals recognise, it also takes pride in its exclusive brands. These include the likes of Advance, Challenger, Groundspeed, JK Tyre, and Samson.

Strategic Initiatives Driving GB Tyres' Success

Agricultural Sector Expansion: GB Tyres has identified and tapped into the potential of the UK agricultural tyre wholesale business. By offering a comprehensive range of agricultural tyres, the company ensures it caters to the diverse needs of the farming community. Its recent acquisition of Nordic Tyres significantly accelerating its expansion plans in this important market sector.

Digital Transformation: GB Tyres has embraced the digital age by launching three new websites, designed to enhance the trade partner experience. These platforms provide easy access to product information, order placements, and more. The business is also very active on social media platforms and regularly shares news of business and product developments with its growing follower base.

Kenda Partnership: GB Tyres' strategic alliance with Kenda, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality, has further bolstered its product portfolio. As the official UK distributor of Kenda's range of passenger car, SUV, 4x4, and van tyres, GB Tyres is positioned to offer top-tier products at competitive prices.

Product Diversification: GB Tyres has expanded its offerings by introducing a range of high-quality commercial vehicle wheels. This initiative, backed by a trusted Asian supplier, ensures that the wheels adhere to the highest quality standards.

One-Stop Solution for Commercial Vehicles: GB Tyres' comprehensive solution approach is evident in its vast stockholding of over 80,000 truck tyres. The exclusive Aerotyre range, designed in Europe, epitomizes performance and safety, reinforcing GB Tyres' dominant market position.

Exclusive Kenda Distributorship: GB Tyres' exclusive rights to distribute Kenda brand tyres across the UK have fortified its market position, enabling a broader product offering for its customers.

The Aerotyre Revolution

In 2022, GB Tyres introduced the UK market to its private brand, Aerotyre. This product range, which has been exceptionally well-received, encompasses a steer, drive, and trailer tyre, covering the most sought-after truck sizes. The company has hinted at imminent expansions to this range, promising new products in the near future.

Whether you're a fleet manager, mechanic, or vehicle owner, GB Tyres promises a product that fits your requirements.

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