Prometeon Tyre Group, a pivotal name in the production and marketing of industrial, agro, and OTR tyres, heralded a significant brand milestone with the launch of its first tyres bearing the Prometeon name — the Serie 02. This launch represents a historic shift for the company, which was established in 2017 but draws on a century of tyre manufacturing heritage.

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May 9, 2024

The debut was celebrated with a grand ceremony near the iconic Giza pyramids in Egypt, underlining the global and historical significance of this launch for Prometeon. The Serie 02 tyres are the fruit of an extensive research and development effort that involved testing over 6,000 tyres and covering more than 200 million kilometres under diverse climatic and road conditions.

According to Roberto Righi, CEO of Prometeon Tyre Group, the introduction of the Serie 02 tyres marks a "truly historic occasion" for the company. "As we introduce the Prometeon brand on our most innovative tyres yet, we are entering a new phase in our journey, bolstered by our rich heritage and extensive experience," he stated during the event.

The Serie 02 range, comprising the G02 ON-OFF and the G210 models, is tailored to meet specific needs within their respective applications. The G02 ON-OFF is designed for mixed road and construction site usage, whereas the G210 focuses on heavy regional applications, offering enhanced durability, safety, and performance.

These tyres will initially roll out from Prometeon’s advanced manufacturing site in Alexandria, Egypt. This facility not only represents a hub of innovation and sustainability within the company but also commemorates its 30th anniversary this year. More than 2,000 employees contribute to the operations at this site, which also houses the company’s fourth research and development centre.

In a nod to the workforce’s dedication, Righi highlighted the tenure of approximately 100 employees who have been with the Alexandria factory since its inception in 1994, celebrating their continued contribution during this milestone event.

The Alexandria plant has been a focal point of Prometeon’s investment in innovation and sustainability. An investment of €85 million initiated in 2022 is set to enhance technological capabilities and environmental sustainability by 2026. The site also prioritises biodiversity, featuring a 'green oasis' that nurtures over 500 species of flora and fauna across its 18,000 square metres.

As the Serie 02 tyres prepare to hit markets in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, plans are underway to extend distribution to European markets, including the UK, by the end of 2024. This strategic rollout underscores Prometeon's commitment to adapting to local market demands while leveraging global manufacturing and R&D capabilities.

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