Firestone Launches Regional On-Road Truck Tyre Range, Enhancing Mileage & Fuel Efficiency

Firestone, has unveiled its latest innovation in regional on-road truck tyres.

The company's new range, developed in partnership with Bridgestone's ENLITEN technology, is set to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing enhanced mileage and fuel efficiency while reducing operational costs.

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September 20, 2023

A Game-Changer for Regional Fleet Operations

Truck fleets are constantly seeking ways to maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs, and Firestone has responded to these needs with its new regional on-road truck tyre range. Comprising the FS424, FD624, and FT524 models for steer, drive, and trailer axles, this range promises dependable performance and substantial economic benefits.

Mileage and Cost Savings

One of the standout features of Firestone's latest tyre range is its remarkable improvement in mileage. Compared to its predecessors, these tyres offer up to a 20 percent increase in mileage, translating to a significant reduction in the cost per kilometer by 10 percent. This is fantastic news for fleet operators looking to optimize their budget while maintaining the highest standards of performance and safety.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

In addition to mileage improvements, Firestone's new tyre range is engineered to deliver better fuel efficiency. The tyres boast competitive label grades and offer an impressive up to 15 percent reduction in rolling resistance compared to previous models. This innovation not only lowers fuel consumption but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable transportation industry.

Bridgestone's ENLITEN Technology

What sets this new Firestone range apart is the integration of Bridgestone's ENLITEN technology, marking the first time this cutting-edge technology has been used in a Firestone regional on-road tyre range. ENLITEN technology optimizes total cost of ownership for truck fleets and supports their sustainability initiatives. It combines advanced technologies to enhance safety, performance, and sustainability characteristics of the tyre, further solidifying Firestone's commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

Year-Round Dependability

Firestone's latest regional truck tyre range is equipped with competitive wet grip labels and bears the 3PMSF marking, ensuring year-round dependability regardless of weather conditions. This feature is vital for fleets that operate in diverse and challenging environments.

Expanded Size Range

To cater to a broader range of customers, Firestone is introducing its latest truck tyre range in six additional sizes, providing more options than ever before. The first sizes are set to hit the market in September 2023, with the remaining sizes becoming available throughout 2024. This expanded lineup will replace the current Firestone Plus range.

A Landmark Achievement

Waqqas Ahmad, Commercial Sales Director at Bridgestone EMIA, commented on this groundbreaking announcement, saying, "Truck fleets need tyres that combine year-round reliability with a reduced total cost of ownership – especially in today's climate. Leveraging ENLITEN for the first time, we've directly addressed these real-world customer needs to develop a new Firestone truck tyre range that aims to become the best choice in the mid-segment. Available in a wide range of sizes, the FS424, FD624, and FT524 are a landmark range for both the Firestone brand and cost-conscious fleets looking for the smart tyre choice."

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