FIEGE Leases Czech Warehouse to Facilitate Nexen's OE Tyre Supply in Europe

In a strategic move to enhance its supply chain capabilities, logistics company FIEGE has secured a lease for an 18,000 sqm warehouse at the upcoming CTPark ?atec in the Czech Republic. The facility, part of a new 71,000 sqm industrial and logistics building, will serve as FIEGE's third location with CTP, complementing its existing leases in Poland and the Czech Republic.

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Nexen Tyre | Nexen’s European plant in Zatec.
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January 11, 2024

Regional Distribution Centre for Nexen Tire Europe

The leased warehouse, scheduled for completion by April 2024, is set to become a regional distribution centre. Its primary purpose will be to store tyres from Nexen Tire Europe and efficiently supply them to automotive manufacturing plants across Europe. This marks a significant development in FIEGE's collaboration with Nexen Tire Europe, as it aligns with the prevailing trend of "nearshoring."

Adaptations for Tyre Storage

Recognizing the unique storage requirements for tyres in transport cages, CTP ensured the warehouse underwent necessary adaptations. The facility is specifically designed to store tyres in transport cages, a departure from conventional racking methods. Flexibility was key in meeting the stringent fire and safety standards for this type of storage, prompting adjustments to fire sections and the installation of improved sprinkler heads (K360).

Sustainability Commitment

Both CTP and FIEGE, known for their commitment to sustainable logistics, are working towards achieving a BREEAM 'Excellent' New Construction sustainability certification for the warehouse. This commitment aligns with the broader industry trend towards environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Strategic Location and Infrastructure

Situated approximately 30 km from the German border on the D8 motorway, CTPark ?atec enjoys a strategic location with proximity to the D7 motorway connecting Prague with Chomutov. The industrial zone is surrounded by three districts, boasting a collective population of around 300,000 within a 30 km radius. The location offers quality infrastructure and business incentives supported by the state, making it an ideal hub for manufacturing, logistics, R&D, and back-office operations.

Meeting the Growing Demand

The move comes amid the growing demand for "nearshoring" strategies, wherein companies are opting to bring production closer to their customers. FIEGE's extended collaboration with Nexen Tire Europe positions the logistics company to play a crucial role in transporting tyres to the production plants of European car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and ?koda.

FIEGE's lease of the new warehouse at CTPark ?atec underscores the industry's response to changing production dynamics and supply chain demands. The collaboration with Nexen Tire Europe and CTP's commitment to sustainability showcase a forward-looking approach in addressing the evolving needs of the automotive industry. As the facility becomes operational in April 2024, it is poised to contribute significantly to the seamless supply of original equipment tyres across Europe.

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