Farmers Push for Sustainable Transformation, Continental Finds

Continental's recent "Agriculture in Transition" survey, involving 503 farmers from five countries, reveals a significant shift towards sustainability in farming practices. Key findings include a strong daily impact of climate change on farming, with 63% of farmers experiencing its effects firsthand. Sustainability is ranked as the top factor for business success, surpassing safety and digitalization. The survey highlights farmers' proactive approach towards environmentally friendly practices, including the use of sustainable machinery and alternatives to conventional pesticides. However, the transition to sustainable agriculture requires more support from technology manufacturers, with farmers calling for upgrades to existing machinery and the development of more sustainable technologies.

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February 9, 2024

The survey aimed to understand farmers' attitudes towards sustainability and the impact of climate change on their daily work.

How many farmers participated in the survey, and from how many countries?
A total of 503 farmers from five countries across four continents participated in the study.

What are the primary concerns of farmers according to the survey?
The primary concerns include the daily impact of climate change, soil quality, and the importance of sustainability for the success of their business.

What percentage of farmers are committed to using sustainable machinery and equipment?
Around 87% of the farmers indicated that using sustainable machinery and equipment is important to them.

What do farmers see as necessary actions from technology manufacturers?
Farmers call for upgrades to existing machinery to incorporate environmentally friendly technologies and the development of more sustainable technologies.

How do farmers prioritize investments in new equipment?
When considering new investments, 35% of farmers take into account the environmental impact of the equipment, highlighting the importance of sustainability in their decision-making process.

What role does Continental see for itself in the agricultural sector's transition to sustainability?
Continental aims to lead by example, developing and delivering innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to equip farmers with the necessary solutions and knowledge for sustainable agriculture.

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