ETB Wholesale Appoint Craig Hutchinson as Business Development Manager

Craig Hutchinson's recent appointment as Business Development Manager at ETB Wholesale marks a significant move for both him and the company. With a rich background that spans across sales, technical support, customer service, and tyre fitting, Hutchinson brings a comprehensive understanding of the automotive and tyre retail industries to his new role. His experience is not only varied but deep, having served in numerous positions from Customer Care Consultant in South Africa to roles that include depot manager, sales advisor, and tyre technician.

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ETB Wholesale
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March 21, 2024

This broad spectrum of roles has provided Hutchinson with a unique perspective on the industry, enabling him to understand the nuances and challenges of both retail and wholesale sectors. His appointment at ETB Wholesale, a company based in Worcester and known for its strong family values and customer-centric approach, seems like a perfect match. Hutchinson's own commitment to customer relations and his pledge to enhance the success of ETB Wholesale by fostering long-lasting relationships based on trust and friendship align with the company's ethos.

Hutchinson emphasises the importance of agility and flexibility in meeting customer needs, regardless of their size or specific demands. He believes in adding a personal touch to customer interactions, leveraging his extensive experience and empathetic approach to understand and address the varied needs of tyre retail businesses. His strategy focuses not just on increasing sales but on elevating service levels and aftercare, which he identifies as key differentiators in the competitive market.

The absence of a "magic formula" for boosting sales, as Hutchinson points out, underscores the importance of foundational customer service practices: listening to customers, adapting to their needs, and focusing conversations on value rather than price alone. His approach is supported by the collaborative culture at ETB Wholesale, where feedback is valued, and suggestions for change are encouraged.

Hutchinson's appointment comes at a time when the company is looking to strengthen its position in the market and explore new growth opportunities. With his comprehensive understanding of the industry, commitment to customer service, and ability to drive change, Hutchinson is poised to make a significant impact at ETB Wholesale. His leadership and strategic vision could very well lead the company to new heights of success, making it an even more compelling choice for customers in the automotive sector.


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