Enhancing Forklift Tyre Durability and Efficiency: The Impact of MAXAM Tire’s EcoPoint³ Compound

MAXAM Tire has recently unveiled the results from rigorous testing of their EcoPoint³ compound, a pioneering solution aimed at reducing the heat buildup in forklift tyres, a prevalent issue leading to premature tyre failure. Conducted at the TUV Endurance Testing Centre in Germany, these tests have confirmed the compound's significant role in extending tyre life and improving operational efficiency, marking a notable advancement in the material handling sector.

Heat buildup within forklift tyres poses a substantial challenge to their durability and overall performance. Addressing this, MAXAM Tire's EcoPoint³ technology emerges as an innovative and sustainable approach. The compound is developed through Liquid Phase Mixing, a process that enhances key performance metrics such as rolling resistance, tyre life, and energy efficiency, without compromising the tyre's overall performance capabilities.

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March 22, 2024

EcoPoint³ stands at the forefront of green and low-carbon tyre technology, underscoring a commitment to reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions across the tyre's lifecycle. This achievement is partly due to the compound's superior ingredient distribution, which surpasses conventional compounds, improving the control over the rubber's physical properties. Such advancements lead to increased wear and cut resistance, directly contributing to the tyre's longevity and resilience.

In comparative testing, EcoPoint³-equipped tyres demonstrated a 51% improvement in rolling resistance over standard compounds, a 35% increase in endurance, and maintained a 25% lower internal temperature compared to competitors' tyres. These figures underscore the compound's efficacy in enhancing tyre durability and operational efficiency.

A spokesperson from MAXAM Tire highlighted, "Through the development of the EcoPoint³ compound, we aim to significantly lessen heat buildup, thereby extending the tyre's lifespan and bolstering operational efficiency for our clients."

This technological leap offers profound implications for industries reliant on logistics and warehousing operations. By minimising tyre replacement frequency due to heat damage, companies can realise cost savings and reduce their environmental footprint. Moreover, tyres featuring the EcoPoint³ technology promise reduced downtime and elevated productivity levels, critical in today's competitive market landscape.

The EcoPoint³ compound's introduction is a testament to MAXAM Tire's innovation and commitment to sustainability in tyre technology, setting new standards for the material handling and logistics sectors. It represents a stride towards more durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly tyre solutions, enhancing operational capabilities across various applications.

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