Enhancing Efficiency: BKT Launches New POWERTRAILER SR 331 Tyre

BKT has officially launched the POWERTRAILER SR 331, a novel all-steel radial tyre previously announced and now becoming a prominent addition to the company's extensive range. Known for its vast portfolio, BKT offers over 3,600 tyre products, making it one of the most diversified collections available in the off-highway sector.

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BKT Tires
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April 24, 2024

The POWERTRAILER SR 331 has been eagerly anticipated within the agricultural sector as it addresses the specific demands of trailer and tanker transportation. This tyre is optimised for road transport, where it promises enhanced performance and efficient operations.

Piero Torassa, Field Engineering Manager at BKT, expressed his satisfaction with the new product: “The POWERTRAILER SR 331 not only meets but exceeds our expectations in road performance, highlighting our dedication to high-quality offerings. This tyre isn’t just about robustness and longevity; it represents a stride forward in fuel efficiency, which is a boon for both the user and the environment.”

Sustainable Performance

One of the standout features of the POWERTRAILER SR 331 is its flotation capabilities, which play a crucial role in reducing soil compaction. By minimising soil damage, the tyre helps preserve the agricultural landscape. Moreover, its lower rolling resistance translates into fuel savings and subsequent cost reductions, aligning with more sustainable agricultural practices.

The tyre's design also ensures excellent stability at higher speeds and during challenging manoeuvres such as cornering or navigating roundabouts, where heavy weight transfers are common. The all-steel structure supports superior transport performance, even under high load conditions, and the tyre's unique sidewall rib offers exceptional protection against impacts and abrasions. Additionally, the hexagonal bead with chafer reinforcement ensures a snug fit to the rim, enhancing safety and durability.

Operator Benefits

Operators will find the multi-block tread design beneficial, enhancing driving comfort and road smoothness, even in adverse weather conditions. The design also promotes uniform tread wear, which helps reduce vibrations caused by tractors, further improving the driving experience.

BKT's POWERTRAILER SR 331 meets the demands of modern agricultural transportation, ensuring that both efficiency and environmental considerations are addressed.

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