Enhanced Safety and Performance: South Central Ambulance Service Upgrades to Michelin All-Season Tyres

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), serving over seven million residents across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Oxfordshire, has seen significant improvements in its fleet's performance and safety following a switch to Michelin’s all-season tyres.

The transition involves the entire 500-vehicle fleet of SCAS, which includes predominantly Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Fiat Ducatos ambulances, moving from Michelin Agilis 3 summer tyres to the all-season MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate tyres. This change was prompted by testing conducted at MIRA’s proving grounds in Warwickshire, which highlighted enhanced handling and performance under adverse weather conditions.

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Michelin All-Season Tyres | South Central Ambulance Service is reporting significant benefits after transitioning its ambulances to the all-season MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate product.
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April 22, 2024

Nick Roberts, Fleet Operations Manager at SCAS, emphasized the importance of safety in their operations. "Whilst the Agilis 3 has performed very well, Michelin-recommended testing revealed that the handling and performance of the ambulances, particularly in wet and adverse weather conditions, was superior on the Agilis CrossClimate tyre,” Roberts explained.

The switch is not limited to ambulances. SCAS is also updating the tyres on its rapid response vehicles, mainly marked Skoda Superb cars, to the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 tyres. Furthermore, the recent addition of electric vehicles to the fleet, including 10 Tesla Model Ys and 9 Kia EV6s, is set to continue this trend.

Roberts shared the observed benefits, noting, "We are already witnessing the safety benefits and exceptional longevity of the CrossClimate family of tyres across our ambulance and car fleet. We expect to see further advantages, including improved fuel economy, in our analysis of fleet management data over a longer period."

South Central Ambulance Service is reporting significant benefits after transitioning its ambulances to the all-season MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate product.

The shift towards Michelin’s all-season tyres also comes with a consideration of costs. Roberts acknowledged a higher initial cost per tyre but underscored the invaluable return on safety and reliability. "You can’t put a figure on safety and year-round mobility. They’re outstanding tyres. I would struggle to find another family of products that come close,” he stated.

Michelin subsidiary ATS Euromaster supports SCAS with tyre management and out-of-hours services, ensuring the fleet is maintained to the highest standards, vital for the critical services that SCAS provides.

This strategic update to SCAS’s fleet not only enhances the operational efficiency of their vehicles but also underscores a commitment to safety and adaptability, crucial for the emergency services operating across the region. The move is expected to set a benchmark for fleet management within public health emergency services, focusing on vehicle reliability and safety in all weather conditions.

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