Employee-First Approach Catapults Vaculug to Top UK Employer List

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November 8, 2023

In a remarkable industry nod, Vaculug has been heralded as the fourth best Manufacturing Company to Work for in the UK, according to the prestigious Best Companies list. The UK-based retreading specialist stands out for its progressive approach to sustainable tyre manufacturing and its unwavering commitment to its workforce.

Sustainable Practices Meet Employee Satisfaction

Vaculug's rise to the top echelons of the manufacturing sector is not just a win for its business model but also for its sustainable practices that resonate with a growing environmental consciousness among consumers and businesses alike. The company's success is a testament to its ability to balance profitability with responsibility—a harmony that is increasingly becoming the benchmark for industry excellence.

A Culture of Inclusivity and Recognition

The company's chairman, Haarjeev Kandhari, has expressed immense pride in Vaculug's achievements, attributing this success to the company's culture that values each employee's contribution. "Being recognized by Best Companies as the fourth best employer in the manufacturing sector is an honor that speaks volumes about our efforts to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered," Kandhari remarked.

Looking to the Future

As Vaculug continues to set the bar high for employee satisfaction and environmental stewardship, the industry watches with keen interest. This recognition is not just a milestone but also a beacon for other companies striving for excellence in a competitive and ever-evolving sector.

For a detailed look at Vaculug's standing among the best places to work, interested parties can view the Best Companies League Table [HERE]

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