Elite Garages Welcomes Denmead Tyre Services

In a move that underscores the strength and legacy of family-run businesses in the UK tyre industry, Elite Garages has proudly announced the inclusion of Denmead Tyre Services (DTS) into its fold.

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Elite Garages
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October 6, 2023

Denmead Tyre Services, a name synonymous with reliability, friendliness, and integrity, has been serving its loyal customer base for years under the astute leadership of David Rockett and Ian Jagger. The duo's commitment to excellence has not only earned them a stellar reputation but also a place in the Elite Garages family, a business that has been setting benchmarks for over six decades.

Elite Garages, with its rich history spanning 60 years, is a testament to the power of family values and unity. Three generations of the family have worked hand in hand, ensuring that customers always receive that personal touch, a hallmark of family-run establishments. The acquisition of Denmead Tyre Services is a natural progression in Elite's journey, as both businesses share a common ethos of prioritising customer satisfaction and maintaining high service standards.

Located in the picturesque village of Denmead, near Waterlooville, DTS has always stood out as an independent tyre retailing company. Their independence, however, has never come in the way of delivering top-notch services. David and Ian, along with their dedicated team, have consistently ensured that technical expertise is paired with genuine customer care.

For the regular patrons of Denmead Tyre Services, there's more good news. The friendly faces they've come to trust over the years aren't going anywhere. The team remains unchanged, continuing their commitment to assist and serve customers as always.

Visit: https://www.denmeadtyres.co.uk

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