Electrifying the Road Ahead: Bridgestone's New EV-Ready Tyre Portfolio

In a significant move towards supporting the electrification of the transport sector, Bridgestone has announced that its entire future tyre portfolio will be engineered to be 'EV-ready'. This decision is backed by the company's innovative ENLITEN tyre technology platform, ensuring that every tyre not only meets general performance standards but also the unique demands of electric vehicles (EVs).

Recent data commissioned by Bridgestone highlights the growing interest in EVs, with projections showing that 40% of motorists are set to purchase an EV by 2028. This is a notable increase from the 29% recorded in 2022. Furthermore, the survey underscores the perceived benefits of transitioning to EVs. Half of the respondents are looking forward to potential savings from bypassing fuel stations, while 45% are motivated by the environmental advantages.

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October 11, 2023

Bridgestone's commitment to EV readiness isn't entirely new. Several of their tyres, including the Turanza 6 and Turanza All Season 6, are already optimized for both hybrid and EVs. These tyres offer features such as low rolling resistance to conserve battery life, superior control to address EV-specific driving challenges, enhanced wear tolerance due to EVs' increased weight and torque, and reduced noise for a more comfortable driving experience, especially given the quieter nature of EVs.

It's worth noting that Bridgestone tyres are now compatible with the top 10 most popular EVs globally. Additionally, other products, like the Duravis Van in the commercial sector, are also benefiting from the ENLITEN tyre technology platform.

Andrea Manenti, Bridgestone’s North Region Vice President, emphasized the company's dedication to the electric revolution. "Bridgestone is committed to making EVs more efficient, attractive, and accessible for drivers and fleets worldwide," Manenti stated. He further clarified that while Bridgestone doesn't develop EV-specific tyres for the replacement market, their EV-ready tyres cater to both general and EV-specific requirements.

Manenti also highlighted Bridgestone's mission of "serving society with superior quality." He reiterated that regardless of the vehicle's power source, drivers' primary needs from their tyres remain consistent, with grip on the road being the top priority.

Bridgestone's approach to EV-ready tyres simplifies inventory management for their customers and reduces overhead costs. It also ensures that road users can select a tyre based on its unique selling points, irrespective of their vehicle type. This strategy aligns with Bridgestone's broader mission to offer value to society and customers as a sustainable solutions company leading up to 2050.

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