Ecobat Battery Release Most Comprehensive Catalogue Yet

Ecobat Battery, has launched its most extensive product catalogue to date. The 2024 edition, spanning 168 pages, showcases a diversified range of battery solutions, catering to a variety of sectors and highlighting the company's growth and adaptability in the evolving market.

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Ecobat Battery
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January 25, 2024

A Diverse and Expansive Range

Ecobat Battery's latest catalogue marks a significant step in its evolution, extending beyond its traditional stronghold in automotive and commercial vehicle batteries. The catalogue reflects the company's expansion into a wider array of sectors, including leisure, motorcycle, mobility, and emerging technologies. It also features an array of associated products that underscore the company's commitment to diversification in the power storage sector.

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Commercial Director Paul Payne emphasized Ecobat Battery's longstanding reputation, spanning over 70 years, as a reliable supplier across multiple sectors. "Our focus has always been on enabling our customers to increase their battery sales opportunities," said Payne. The new catalogue, according to Payne, is a testament to this commitment, showcasing advanced solutions like lithium-based batteries for various applications, from leisure activities to off-grid living and industrial uses.

Leading the Way in Technology and Solutions

The catalogue introduces innovative products such as EcoFlow and PylonTech batteries for energy storage and leisure applications, and Rolls and US Battery products for industrial needs. It also highlights the growing range of charging options, including those for commercial operations and solar energy harvesting, indicating the direction in which the industry is moving.

The Ultimate Resource for Power Storage

Ecobat Battery's 2024 catalogue is poised to become the essential resource for businesses and consumers in the power storage sector. It not only showcases the company's diverse product range but also its adaptability in a rapidly changing market, ensuring that Ecobat remains at the forefront of the industry.

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