Double Coin Rolls Out Revolutionary Tyres for Airport Ground Support, Elevating Industry Standards

Double Coin and CMA, renowned tire manufacturers, have introduced two pioneering tires designed specifically for airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) applications. This move underscores Double Coin's dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability in aviation support, ensuring that the vital ground operations at airports worldwide can proceed with unparalleled efficiency and safety.

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Double Coin Tyres
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April 9, 2024

Tony Cresta, Director of Product Management at Double Coin, expressed confidence in the new offerings, stating, "Working with some of our key partners, we found the robust REM-26 and REM-4 designs will offer excellent performance in this segment.” Cresta's remarks highlight the company's strategic approach to innovation, driven by close collaboration with partners and a deep understanding of the sector's needs.

The REM-26 and REM-4 tyres are not just products but solutions crafted to enhance the operational capacity of airport handling equipment, reflecting Double Coin's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The REM-26 tyre is engineered for the industrial steer-position in GSE, featuring an all-steel radial casing that ensures exceptional wear, operator comfort, and efficiency. It is equipped with deep grooved ribs for optimal traction under various conditions, along with stone-rejecting structures and durable tread compounds that minimise punctures and maintenance costs. On the other hand, the REM-4 tyre is designed for the drive position, boasting similar all-steel radial construction for durability and comfort. It stands out with its large, deep tread blocks and square shoulders, enhancing traction and driving force while the minimal tread void area extends tyre life and reduces downtime.

Double Coin's roots in the U.S. market stretch back to 1992, and over the years, it has solidified its presence, catering to some of North America's most influential distributors, truck stops, and servicing dealers. The launch of the REM-26 and REM-4 tyres marks another milestone in the company's journey, offering the GSE segment of the aviation industry specialized products that promise to maintain Double Coin's premium quality position. These innovations are poised to give partners more options and value, potentially transforming how ground operations are conducted at airports, thereby affecting the industry, consumers, and related sectors positively.

The introduction of these tyres is a testament to Double Coin's ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in the aviation industry. By providing high-performance solutions tailored to the unique demands of airport ground support, Double Coin is not only enhancing the efficiency and safety of these critical operations but also setting new standards in tyre technology and performance.

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