Double Coin Expands Trailer Tyre Range with New High-Speed Radial Sizes

Double Coin, in partnership with CMA, is proud to introduce two new additions to their renowned RT500 tyre series, specifically engineered for high-speed trailer applications. The launch of these sizes, ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16, marks a significant expansion in Double Coin's trailer tyre line, catering to a diverse and growing market.

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Double Coin Tyres
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April 23, 2024

Expanding the RT500 Tyre Lineup

The latest all-steel ST radial tyres include the sizes ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16, meticulously designed to meet the demands of high-speed trailer usage. Aaron Murphy, Senior Vice President at Double Coin, highlighted the customer-driven nature of this expansion, "These additions fill a need our customers have asked about for some time. We’re excited that the time has arrived to add these quality trailer tyres to our Double Coin stable of products."

Robust Features for Enhanced Performance

Double Coin's new tyres boast several advanced features to enhance their performance and reliability:

  • Large Steel Casing: Increases the tyre's carrying capacity, making it ideal for heavier loads.
  • Optimised Tread Depth: Reduces heat build-up, a common issue in high-speed applications, thereby extending tyre life.
  • Wide Shoulders: Improve stability, ensuring safety and comfort for various trailer applications.

These features make the tyres an excellent choice for a wide range of trailers, including RV trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, horse trailers, utility trailers, and boat trailers.

Why Choose Double Coin's High-Speed Radial Tyres?

Choosing the right tyre is crucial for trailer safety and performance. Double Coin’s new radial tyres offer not only robust construction but also advanced features that cater specifically to the demands of high-speed trailering. This makes them a top choice for trailer owners looking for reliability and performance.

With the introduction of the new ST235/80R16 and ST235/85R16 tyre sizes, Double Coin continues to lead the way in the trailer tyre market, combining innovative technology with customer-focused design. Whether you're hauling a boat, horse, or your home on wheels, Double Coin’s latest tyres promise to deliver performance you can trust.

Opt for Innovation and Safety with Double Coin

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