Double Coin and CMA Launch Innovative Dealer Portal to Enhance Customer Experience

Double Coin, in collaboration with CMA, has recently unveiled a new dealer portal designed to enhance the operational efficiency of its customers. This modern platform is noted for its user-centric design, providing seamless processes and real-time data that facilitate easy access to essential information and order placement.

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Double Coin
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May 7, 2024

The new dealer portal boasts several key features aimed at improving the user experience:

User-Friendly Interface: The portal is designed with a straightforward layout that prioritises ease of use. Its intuitive navigation and well-organised menus allow users to quickly locate necessary information and complete their tasks without hassle.

Enhanced Order Management: The portal enables customers to efficiently place and track orders, check their progress, and review their history of orders and invoices. This system keeps users well-informed about their transactions, ensuring a transparent and smooth order management process.

Real-Time Inventory Access: Users have the ability to search inventory in real-time, ensuring they are informed about the latest availability of tyres.

Efficient Order Entry: The portal facilitates the creation of warehouse loads through an efficient order entry system.

Accessible Product Information: Thumbnails and photos provide a visual reference to help customers find product information quickly.

Downloadable Transaction Data: Customers can download specific data related to their transactions, such as orders and invoices, enhancing their ability to manage records and plan ahead.

Aaron Murphy, Senior Vice President at CMA/Double Coin, expressed confidence in the new portal's ability to streamline operations and save time, thereby supporting the business growth of their clients. "Customers can now access essential information around the clock. This platform represents our ongoing commitment to valuing and enhancing our customer partnerships," Murphy stated.

The launch of this dealer portal marks another step forward in Double Coin and CMA's dedication to leveraging technology to improve service and support their clientele effectively.

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