Dawson Tyre Service Ltd Embraces Fitter-Force Technology

Worcestershire-based Dawson Tyre Service Limited has recently announced its collaboration with Fitter-Force, incorporating e-jobsheet, as part of its strategic move to bolster growth and enhance service efficiency. This latest addition to Dawson Tyre Service's suite of solutions from CAM (Commercial Asset Management) is set to revolutionise the way the independent commercial tyre dealer handles breakdown and tyre service opportunities.

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Dawson Tyre Service Ltd
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December 13, 2023

Fitter-Force, known for its robust technology in managing tyre service requests from initiation to invoicing, offers Dawson’s an advanced platform to streamline their operations. The integration of this system is expected to provide real-time visibility of technicians’ work schedules and enable comprehensive track and trace stock management.

Vanessa Dawson, Company Director, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership: “We’re excited to bring the benefits of Fitter-Force to our fleet customers. Our investment in this technology underscores our commitment to reducing client downtime, cutting tyre expenditure, and, most importantly, bolstering operational safeguarding.”

The move to adopt Fitter-Force is a strategic one for Dawson’s, positioning them to capitalize on the connections provided by TiDaeX and e-jobsheet with tyre manufacturers and national breakdown services. This connectivity is crucial in the fast-paced world of commercial tyre services, where timely and efficient response to breakdowns can significantly impact fleet operations.

Steve Daly, Director at CAM, commented on the collaboration: “Going live with Fitter-Force this month marks a significant milestone for Dawson’s. It enables them to achieve a comprehensive view of their commercial tyre business operations. Dawson’s exhibits a remarkable ‘can do’ attitude, and our role at CAM is to enhance their capabilities with the best tools available, as well as to introduce more advanced options as they emerge.”

This strategic partnership is a testament to Dawson Tyre Service’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to improve service delivery. The integration of Fitter-Force into their operations is expected to set a new standard in the commercial tyre service industry, offering unparalleled efficiency and customer service.

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