Continental's BAL.ON Golf Training Smart Kit Launches Soon

Continental is set to unveil the highly anticipated BAL.ON Smart Kit on August 15, 2023, marking a significant advancement in golf training aids. This innovative product has the potential to revolutionise how golfers approach their swing and improve their game.

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July 14, 2023

The BAL.ON Smart Kit is a cutting-edge pressure measurement system that provides golfers and coaches with essential data on golf biomechanics. Utilising smart insoles equipped with nine force sensing resistors each, the kit captures precise pressure data, which is then seamlessly integrated with high-resolution video footage through the BAL.ON smartphone app. This wireless and synchronised system offers players and coaches unrestricted access to key technology.

Jens Mundhenke, a PGA Professional and sports scientist at BAL.ON, highlights the importance of pressure patterns in understanding a golfer's efficiency and effectiveness in their movements. He emphasises that top players and their coaches have long utilised similar systems to gain valuable insights into their performance. With the BAL.ON Smart Kit, this vital dimension of golf training is now accessible to a wider range of players and coaches.

The BAL.ON Smart Kit is designed to simplify swing training by incorporating pressure dynamics, a significant challenge in developing the product. Christoph Niederbröker, the Product Manager of BAL.ON, explains that the golf swing is a complex movement requiring control over three-dimensional motions, which can prove difficult for most individuals. By providing intuitive visualizations, instant feedback, and straightforward drills, the BAL.ON Smart Kit aims to make it effortless for users, whether they are professional tour players or weekend enthusiasts, to maximise their potential.

Upon its release in August, the BAL.ON Smart Kit will provide users with comprehensive feedback on every swing recorded using the app. Based on data from thousands of shots, including those from renowned players, the kit offers seven metrics to assess pressure distribution at various stages of the swing. The "basic" metrics evaluate pressure at address, during the backswing, and at impact, while the "advanced" metrics provide insights into rhythm, maximum pressure, timing, and the transition from the backswing to the downswing. Detailed visualisations, such as heat maps and sensor line graphs, further enhance users' understanding of their movement patterns.

To enhance the training experience, the BAL.ON app features an AI coach that tailors specific drills based on individual pressure patterns. These drills can be performed on the practice grounds or at home, allowing players and coaches to target various aspects of the golf game, from full

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