Continental's AllSeasonContact 2 Triumphs in 2024 All-Season Tyre Test

Continental's new AllSeasonContact 2 tyre has emerged victorious in the Tyre Reviews 2024 All-Season Tyre Test, showcasing its superiority over six other competitors in the 205/55R16 category on a Volkswagen Golf.

This win highlights not only the tyre's innovative design and technological advancements but also its adaptability to various weather conditions, setting a new benchmark in the all-season tyre category.

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March 19, 2024

The AllSeasonContact 2, the latest iteration in Continental’s esteemed AllSeasonContact line, is heralded as the most technologically advanced all-season tyre to date. Designed to offer unmatched driving control across different weather scenarios, the tyre excels in fuel efficiency, safety, and driving pleasure, making it an ideal choice for vehicles of all types.

Throughout the rigorous testing process, the AllSeasonContact 2 distinguished itself in multiple areas, including dry and wet handling, snow traction, and notably low rolling resistance. Its exceptional performance in the wear category, demonstrating the lowest wear rate among its competitors, positions it as the most cost-effective option for consumers, offering unparalleled value per 1000km travelled.

Jonathan Benson of Tyre Reviews praised the tyre, stating, "The new Continental AllSeasonContact 2 was the tyre that does everything well… and it had the lowest wear. And it had low rolling resistance. And excellent snow grip, and was the best in the wet. And the best overall on ice. You get the idea. An outstanding product from Continental.”

The tyre’s outstanding performance is attributed to the use of innovative materials, as well as strategic modifications to its tread pattern and compound. These enhancements have led to a six per cent reduction in rolling resistance and a fifteen per cent increase in mileage compared to its predecessor, all without compromising safety.

Peter Robb, Continental's Marketing Director, expressed satisfaction with the new tyre’s immediate recognition, saying, “Following the success of the AllSeasonContact, it is great to see the AllSeasonContact 2 collecting awards straight out of the gate. Our continued test wins demonstrate the hard work that goes into developing our tyre lines.”

The AllSeasonContact 2 is available in a wide range of sizes, from 15 to 21 inches, catering to both electric vehicles and traditional combustion engine cars and SUVs. Each tyre is marked with a special EV-Compatible logo on the sidewall, underscoring its suitability for the growing electric vehicle market.

For consumers seeking unparalleled performance across diverse driving conditions, the AllSeasonContact 2 represents a significant leap forward in tyre technology and design, promising enhanced safety, efficiency, and overall driving satisfaction.

Further details on the AllSeasonContact 2 can be found on Continental's website.

The comprehensive results of the Tyre Reviews 2024 All-Season tyre test can be found HERE

Q&A on Continental’s AllSeasonContact 2 Tyre Victory

What makes the AllSeasonContact 2 tyre stand out in the 2024 Tyre Reviews All-Season Tyre Test?
The AllSeasonContact 2 distinguished itself as the most advanced all-season tyre by Continental, excelling in dry and wet handling, snow traction, and low rolling resistance. Its superior performance across various metrics, especially in wear resistance, positioned it as the most cost-effective and technically superior option in the test.

How does the AllSeasonContact 2 tyre ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions?
Continental's AllSeasonContact 2 is engineered using new materials and innovative changes to its tread pattern and compound. These advancements lead to exceptional control and safety in any weather situation, making it perfect for drivers seeking reliability throughout the year.

What are the environmental and economic benefits of choosing the AllSeasonContact 2 tyre?
With a six per cent reduction in rolling resistance and a fifteen per cent increase in mileage compared to its predecessor, the AllSeasonContact 2 not only offers better fuel efficiency but also extends tyre life, making it a more sustainable and economical choice for consumers.

Is the AllSeasonContact 2 tyre suitable for electric vehicles?
Yes, the AllSeasonContact 2 is designed to cater to both electric and traditional combustion engine vehicles, including SUVs. The tyre comes with a special EV-Compatible logo on the sidewall, indicating its efficiency and performance suitability for electric vehicles.

Where can consumers find more information about the AllSeasonContact 2 tyre?
Detailed information about the AllSeasonContact 2, including its features, benefits, and sizes available, can be found on Continental's official website. Additionally, the full results of the Tyre Reviews 2024 All-Season Tyre Test are available for those interested in a comprehensive performance analysis.

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