Continental Tyres and Bandvulc Support EcoDriven's UK Sustainability Showcase

Continental Tyres, together with its renowned retread rubber brand Bandvulc, has partnered with EcoDriven to support the latter's UK-wide Sustainability Showcase tour. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in advocating for environmentally friendly solutions and encouraging public awareness about the ecological impact of their choices.

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November 30, 2023

A Journey Towards Sustainability

The year-long programme is set to champion sustainable solutions across the UK. A key highlight of this tour is a classic double-decker bus, retrofitted with sustainable materials, showcasing their effectiveness in real-world applications. This bus, serving as a mobile demonstration of sustainable practices, will travel through over 20 towns and cities, bringing the message of environmental responsibility to the masses.

Innovative Tyre Technology

A notable feature of this initiative is the use of Bandvulc's Citymaster 5 retread tyre. This tyre, known for its reliability, durability, and safety, is equipped with extra sidewall reinforcement, making it ideal for navigating the busy urban streets. The Citymaster 5 includes a unique dimple indicator, allowing for easy monitoring of tyre wear and ensuring optimal performance. Its high polymer rubber compound is designed to resist punctures and endure the rigours of frequent start-stop usage, typical in urban environments.

Advanced Monitoring for Safety and Efficiency

To complement this, Continental has equipped the bus with its ContiPressureCheck system. This tyre pressure monitoring system provides real-time data on tyre pressure and temperature, alerting the driver to potential issues like punctures or damage, thus ensuring the vehicle's safety throughout its journey.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Pete Robb, Marketing Director at Continental Tyres, emphasises the company's dedication to sustainable innovation. He highlights the environmental benefits of Bandvulc's commercial vehicle retreads and the new UltraContact NTX car tyre, which utilises up to 65% recycled and renewable materials. John Patterson, Managing Director of EcoDriven, acknowledges the significant progress in rubber tyre recycling and praises the partnership with Continental and Bandvulc for their comprehensive approach to sustainability.

A Model for Future Endeavours

Continental's ambition to be a leading tyre company in environmental and social responsibility is evident in its efforts. The company's focus on maximising tyre life, fuel economy, and the use of digital monitoring solutions like ContiPressureCheck, aligns with its sustainability goals. Additionally, Continental's investment in retread tyre manufacturing through its ContiLifeCycle programme demonstrates its commitment to reducing raw material usage and waste.

The Ivybridge facility's 'zero to landfill policy' and the innovative use of buffing dust in various applications further highlight Continental's dedication to environmental stewardship. This partnership and the UK-wide tour stand as a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts in driving sustainable change in the industry.

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