Continental Tires Advances Towards Climate-Neutral Production by 2040

In a significant stride towards sustainability within the tyre industry, Continental Tires has announced a remarkable decrease in its annual energy consumption by approximately 150 gigawatt hours in 2023, following the successful completion of 160 energy-saving projects. This achievement places Continental substantially ahead of its competitors, consuming 22 percent less energy per metric tonne of tyres produced compared to the industry average.

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Continental Tires
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March 26, 2024

Dr. Bernhard Trilken, Head of Manufacturing and Logistics at Continental Tires, highlighted the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, stating, “Each of our tyre plants is working on individual and company-wide solutions to achieve climate-neutral production by 2040 at the latest.” Continental's dedication to sustainable practices has been recognised with an "A" rating in climate protection from the international non-profit organisation CDP, affirming its effective implementation of its sustainability strategy.

The energy savings realised are sufficient to meet the annual electricity requirements of around 12,500 family homes, underscoring the significant impact of Continental’s initiatives. These efforts were chiefly facilitated by the increased adoption of renewable energies, including a significant expansion of photovoltaic systems, and the introduction of efficient thermal insulation in its manufacturing processes.

A noteworthy element of Continental’s strategy is its innovative application of technology to minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions. The company has enhanced steam generation for tyre vulcanisation—a critical process for transforming a rubber compound into flexible, elastic rubber—thus reducing CO2 emissions by 31,000 tonnes in 2023 alone.

Continental’s progressive measures extend beyond reducing energy consumption. The company is also in the process of converting all lighting to energy-saving LED technology, contributing further to its ambitious objective of lowering energy consumption by 20 percent compared to 2018 levels by 2030.

With all its locations worldwide powered by renewable energy since the end of 2020, Continental Tires not only demonstrates leadership in environmental sustainability but also sets a standard for the industry to emulate. The company’s progress is a clear indication of its commitment to the "Be Energy Efficient" campaign, which has been promoting a culture of sustainability among its employees and encouraging actions to reduce energy use for a decade.

As Continental Tires progresses towards its goal of climate-neutral production, its efforts emphasise the crucial role of corporate responsibility in addressing climate change. The implications of this advancement are widespread, not just for the tyre manufacturing sector but for global environmental sustainability efforts, showing that significant energy savings and reductions in carbon footprint are achievable with dedicated effort and innovation.

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