Continental Secures Triple Victory at Tire Technology International Awards

Continental has distinguished itself at the Tire Technology International (TTI) Awards for Innovation and Excellence by winning three major awards, marking a significant achievement for the German tire manufacturer.

The awards ceremony, hosted at the Hanover Exhibition Centre in Germany on March 19, highlighted Continental's advancements in tire technology and commitment to sustainability. The "Tire of the Year" accolade was awarded to Continental for its AllSeasonContact 2, a tire designed to deliver safe handling and excellent grip across various weather conditions.

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Continental | (L to R) Edwin Goudswaard, Kristina Kumme, Thomas Wanka, Nadine Aschenbrenner, Carina Brüggemann und Tobias Rahn.
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March 22, 2024

Achievements in Innovation and Environmental Sustainability

The AllSeasonContact 2's accolade as “Tire of the Year” underlines its performance across different driving conditions. Additionally, Continental received the “Environmental Achievement of the Year – Tire Design” for its UltraContact NXT tire, acknowledged for its sustainable design without compromising safety and efficiency. The “Tire Concept of the Year” went to Conti CityPlus for its innovative approach to improving tire energy efficiency, potentially reducing CO2 emissions for combustion engines and enhancing the range for electric vehicles.

Continental has received three awards at this year's Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence.

Edwin Goudswaard, Head of R&D at Continental Tires, remarked on the awards as a recognition of the company's innovation capabilities, emphasizing the team's focus on understanding and meeting customer requirements for safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Notable Developments and Industry Implications

The AllSeasonContact 2 is Continental's best all-season tire to date, offering the best possible driving control in any weather situation.

The AllSeasonContact 2 is praised for its improved mileage, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced handling, which contribute to its status as an effective all-season tire option.

The UltraContact NXT from Continental is a series tire with up to 65 percent renewable, recycled and mass-balance certified materials.

The UltraContact NXT is notable for its use of up to 65 percent sustainable materials, achieving top ratings in EU tire label evaluations for rolling resistance and wet braking performance.

Particularly efficient when driving in urban traffic: the concept tire Conti CityPlus.

The concept tire, Conti CityPlus, demonstrates potential for significant improvements in energy efficiency in urban driving scenarios, offering benefits for both traditional and electric vehicles by optimizing performance in stop-and-go traffic.

Recognition and Forward Outlook

The TTI Awards, determined by a panel of over 25 industry professionals, recognize notable advancements in the tire industry. Continental's achievements in securing awards in two categories for consecutive years underscore its ongoing leadership in tire technology and environmental responsibility.

Continental's success at the TTI Awards illustrates the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of tire technology, with a focus on enhancing mobility, safety, and sustainability. These awards not only affirm Continental's role as an innovator in the tire industry but also set a benchmark for future developments.

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