Continental Rolls Out Four New Tyre Advice Videos to Boost Operator Knowledge

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February 14, 2024

Continental has introduced four new tyre advice video guides, aimed at bolstering vehicle safety and boosting operator understanding across the industry. These resources, developed in collaboration with the ContiAcademy, Continental's dedicated in-house training centre, are designed to assist fleets of all sizes in improving their grasp on vital topics to ensure the safety and efficacy of their vehicles, while also emphasising important aspects of tyre service and maintenance.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

Recognising the varied needs of operators, Continental's latest video offerings highlight key areas such as operational efficiency and environmental stewardship. The videos cover critical subjects ranging from roadside and workshop tyre fitting procedures to understanding truck tyre wear and the composition of tyres. These guides aim to provide operators with valuable insights to achieve the Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC) and to prevent premature tyre wear, fostering a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to tyre maintenance.

  • Roadside Tyre Fitting: Addressing the everyday occurrence of truck tyre changes at the roadside, Continental underscores the importance of adhering to correct procedures to avoid dangerous outcomes.
  • Workshop Tyre Fitting: Highlighting the potential risks of complacency, this video instructs technicians on the proper methods and tools for safe tyre replacements within workshop environments.
  • Truck Tyre Wear: This guide delves into the reasons behind uneven or irregular tread wear, offering strategies to extend tyre life and reduce fleet expenses.
  • Tyre Ingredients: Through an exploration of tyre construction principles, this video educates operators and technicians on the complex blend of materials that go into engineering a tyre.

Steve Howat, General Manager – Technical Services at Continental Tyres, emphasised the importance of equipping operators and tyre technicians with necessary information for optimal tyre care. "As we head into the new year, we are calling on operators to equip themselves with all the information they need to best look after their tyres," Howat stated. The initiative also serves as a reminder for technicians to revisit the fundamental principles of tyre maintenance to avoid the adverse effects of neglect.

Continental's initiative to release these tyre advice videos underscores its commitment to assisting the haulage industry in enhancing tyre performance, improving safety, and ensuring fleet reliability. The ContiAcademy continues to offer extensive training courses, equipping tyre technicians and fleet operators with critical skills for effective tyre management.

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