Continental Equips Conti Urban tyres with Cutting-Edge Sensors

Built-in intelligence: all Conti Urban tyres factory fitted with second-generation sensors.
Continental helps to make fleets more efficient, digital and sustainable.
Digitalisation for increased operational reliability, greater customer satisfaction and minimized real-life fleet costs - as per the LODC approach.
Added value: simple, convenient and future-proof tyre monitoring.

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July 10, 2023

Continental, is introducing smart technology to its Conti Urban bus tyre line. Starting from August 2023, the entyre tyre family, including the Conti Urban HA3, Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3+, and Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3, will be equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. This groundbreaking move makes Continental the first company to offer a complete range of tyres with built-in sensors, further advancing the digitalisation of fleet management.

By integrating sensors into their tyres, Continental aims to help municipalities and bus companies enhance the efficiency of their vehicle operations and reduce costs during the mobility and energy transition. With a significant number of buses in the segment already electrified and the continuous growth of sustainable downtown public transportation, smart tyres play a vital role. Kalyan Yalamanchili, the Head of Digital Solutions at Continental tyres EMEA, acknowledges the rising demand for sensor-equipped Conti Urban tyres, stating, "There is a steadily growing demand for Conti Urban tyres with sensor technology."

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