Continental Cutting-Edge Agricultural Innovations at Agritechnica 2023

Continental, is set to dazzle attendees at Agritechnica 2023 with a suite of groundbreaking agricultural innovations.

From autonomous greenhouse robots to sustainable weed control systems, the brand is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the agricultural sector.

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October 5, 2023

A Legacy of Excellence in Tyre Technology

Since the launch of its new range of tyres in 2017, Continental has been at the forefront of agricultural tyre innovation. With over 100 lines introduced, including VF, hybrid, and specialist loader tyres, the brand has solidified its commitment to the sector. A standout in their line-up is the VF TractorMaster Hybrid, equipped with an internal sensor that interfaces with the updated ContiConnect Lite system. This Bluetooth-enabled feature provides real-time temperature and pressure data to operators via mobile devices or on-board terminals, ensuring optimal tyre performance.

Beyond Tyres: A New Era of Agricultural Tech

While Continental's prowess in tyre technology is undisputed, Agritechnica 2023 serves as a platform for the brand to showcase its ventures into broader agricultural technology:

  • Weed Control System: In a bid to offer organic solutions to weed management, Continental introduces its tractor-mounted Weed Control System. Developed by Continental Engineering Services (CES), this system employs artificial intelligence and optical sensor technology to detect and eradicate weeds using boiling water. This precision approach ensures that crops remain untouched while weeds are effectively managed.
  • Autonomous Greenhouse Robot: In collaboration with Octiva, Continental is set to revolutionize greenhouse operations with its autonomous robot. Slated for a 2024 release, this robot is designed for 24/7 operations, capable of tasks like selective harvesting, scouting, and UVC treatment of plants. This innovation promises to be a game-changer for greenhouses aiming for automated crop management.
  • Raptor Draper Belt for Harvesters: The newly developed Raptor draper belt boasts a patented Edge Defender cleat design, offering enhanced protection against debris. This innovation not only improves crop flow but also promises to reduce downtime, leading to significant cost savings for operators.
  • ProViu 360 and NightViu: Enhancing tractor safety, the ProViu 360 camera system offers a comprehensive 360-degree view around the vehicle, complete with features like Pedestrian Detection and Transparent Chassis technology. Complementing this is the NightViu working light system, providing tractors with efficient LED lighting options suitable for various scenarios, from focused spotlighting to wide-field illumination.

Experience the Future at Agritechnica

All these innovations and more will be on display at Agritechnica, Continental booth (A19 in Hall 20).

With its impressive line-up of products and technologies, Continental promises a brighter, more efficient future for farmers and operators worldwide.

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