Conti CityPlus: Continental's Revolutionary Tyre Concept Premieres at IAA Mobility

Continental, has raised the stakes in tyre innovation at the recent IAA Mobility event held in Munich. The company unveiled its latest creation, the Conti CityPlus, a tyre concept that promises a remarkable up to 10% increase in overall energy efficiency.

For electric vehicles, this implies an extended driving range, with results indicating that cars could drive an extra 3% on the same charge -- a saving equivalent to 0.6 kWh per 100 kilometers. Combustion-engine vehicles aren't left behind either, with this technology pointing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Continental AG
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September 5, 2023

Optimization for Urban Driving

A salient feature of the Conti CityPlus is its performance in urban scenarios. The design acknowledges the rigorous stop-and-go rhythm of city driving and optimizes tyre behavior for these conditions.

The foundation for this groundbreaking tyre is Continental's revered EcoContact 6 series. But, the Conti CityPlus isn't just a repackaged variant. Continental engineers have integrated a plethora of modifications that mitigate tyre deformation during acceleration and braking. Among these are a uniquely constructed tread pattern, a newly built carcass, and a modified rubber compound.

The tyre's tread boasts a V-shape pattern which endows it with a stiffer structural integrity. This, combined with a new construction technique, results in a stiffer carcass, minimizing tyre deformation. The tyre's enhanced energy efficiency is further supplemented by an innovative rubber compound, featuring a system of fillers and an optimized polymer network.

Beyond Rolling Resistance: A Decade of Progress

In the past ten years, the tyre industry, Continental at the forefront, has majorly focused on rolling resistance during constant speed. This dedication has enabled Continental to slash rolling resistance across its passenger car tyres by a whopping 25% on average.

Continental's Sustainable Future

The IAA Mobility also saw the showcase of another gem from Continental's treasure trove - the UltraContact NXT. This tyre is a testament to Continental's commitment to sustainability, boasting up to 65% of materials that are renewable, recycled, and ISCC PLUS mass-balance-certified. This makes it the most sustainable tyre ever produced.

The UltraContact NXT is not only sustainable but also efficient. All its dimensions have received the top-notch "A" rating in the EU tyre label in critical areas like rolling resistance, wet braking, and external noise. Crafted for both electric and combustion engines, the tyre is apt for popular vehicles, from the Kia Niro to the Tesla Model 3.

As a part of its commitment to a greener future, by 2030, Continental aspires for over 40% renewable and recycled content in its tyres, with a vision to achieve 100% sustainability by 2050.

In sum, Continental's recent unveilings at IAA Mobility offer a promising glimpse into the future of tyre technology, combining performance, efficiency, and sustainability in a balanced and forward-looking approach.

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