Cleaner Air, Greener Cities: HIVED and ENSO's Pioneering Trial to Reduce Particulate Pollution

London-based start-up HIVED has announced a collaboration with Earthshot Prize finalist ENSO to trial their innovative sustainable tyres on HIVED's electric vehicles. This three-month trial marks a pivotal moment in the fight against air pollution, a major environmental health risk recognised by both the World Health Organisation and the UK Government.

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Cleaner Air, Greener Cities: HIVED and ENSO's Pioneering Trial to Reduce Particulate Pollution
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October 20, 2023

HIVED, founded by Murvah Iqbal and Mathias Kreiger in 2021, operates a 100% electric fleet for its parcel delivery network, serving major brands such as ASOS, Zara, and Karen Millen across Greater London. The company's mission is to decarbonise last-mile logistics, with a proven track record of reducing emissions per parcel by up to 76% compared to traditional delivery methods.

The trial with ENSO is set to focus on two primary metrics: reducing particulate matter emissions and increasing the electric range of HIVED's fleet. Particulate pollution, mainly from tyre wear, is a growing concern, with non-exhaust emissions expected to constitute up to 90% of all particles emitted by road transport by 2050, according to the European Council Impact Assessment.

ENSO's tyre technology is specifically designed for electric vehicles, aiming to reduce harmful tyre pollution while improving tyre durability and performance. In trials conducted by Transport for London, ENSO's tyres outperformed mainstream competitors, increasing electric vehicle range by up to 10% and reducing particulate matter emissions by up to 35%.

Gemma Neal, Head of Sustainability at HIVED, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Particulate pollution has, until now, been an inevitable part of having vehicles on the road, but finding a solution to cut this pollution is crucial. This trial with ENSO is part of a wider strategy at HIVED to continually stay on the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability in transport."

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, founder of ENSO, echoed these sentiments, adding, "Conducting real-world trials with HIVED will further demonstrate the capability of new tyre technology from ENSO to reduce the harm caused by tyre dust, improve the air we breathe, and tackle a major source of microplastic pollution."

As urban last-mile delivery demand is expected to grow by 78% by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum, initiatives like the HIVED and ENSO collaboration are crucial in ensuring a sustainable and pollution-free future for our cities.

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