BYD's T4K Electric Truck to Roll Out with Hankook's RA08 Radial Tyres

Hankook Tire, has announced its collaboration with BYD, the world's top-selling eco-friendly vehicle company, to supply the 'Hankook RA08' radial tyre as the Original Equipment Tire (OET) for BYD's one-ton electric truck, the T4K.

The T4K, renowned for its innovative Blade-LFP Battery and BYD's advanced battery technology, offers an extended driving range and superior safety features. A unique feature of the T4K is its 'V2L (Vehicle to Load)' connector, marking it as the first Korean commercial vehicle model that can supply external power, enhancing the overall driving experience.

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September 15, 2023

The 'Hankook RA08' radial tyre, chosen for the T4K, boasts robust traction capabilities, ensuring stability under heavy loads. Its exceptional wear resistance guarantees impressive mileage performance. The tyre's optimized pattern design further amplifies braking power, ensuring a consistent driving performance across diverse terrains.

Hankook RA08 radial tyre.

BYD's commitment to eco-friendliness is evident in its sales, with a staggering 1.86 million eco-friendly cars sold last year, capturing the largest market share globally. In a landmark move in 2022, BYD transitioned to producing only eco-friendly vehicles, discontinuing the production of internal combustion engine vehicles. With operations in over 70 countries, BYD is not just limited to passenger cars but also extends to commercial and specialty vehicles.

This collaboration signifies a strengthening of the strategic partnership between Hankook Tire and BYD. It underscores Hankook Tire's commitment to fortifying its foothold in the Chinese market, the epicenter of the global EV market. This alliance with BYD will enable Hankook Tire to showcase its cutting-edge EV tyre technology on a global scale, reinforcing its reputation as a pioneering EV technology company and a premium tyre provider.

In addition to BYD, Hankook Tire is also making strides in the Chinese market by partnering with other prominent Chinese EV manufacturers. The company is supplying OET for Leap Motor's electric SUV, the C11, and NIO's ES6 and EC6 electric SUVs. Furthermore, Hankook Tire has also secured a deal to provide OET for Toyota's inaugural all-electric vehicle, the bZ4X, in China.

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