Bridgestone's Duravis Van Tyre Study Highlights Economic and Environmental Benefits

In response to economic challenges, Bridgestone has introduced an academic study conducted with Warwick Business School, showcasing the economic and environmental benefits of its Duravis Van tyre. This study aims to provide van fleet operators with data-driven insights into how the tyre could positively impact their operations.

Amidst an economically challenging backdrop, Bridgestone has taken a significant step to demonstrate the value of its Duravis Van tyre for van fleet operators. By commissioning an independent study from Warwick Business School, the company has provided a detailed analysis of the tyre's benefits. Focused on both sustainability and economy, the research utilises UK Government data, including fuel prices and vehicle statistics, to underscore the Duravis Van tyre's advantages.

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March 25, 2024

The study showcases a direct comparison between the Duravis Van tyre, which holds an EU label Grade B for rolling resistance, and Grade D alternatives. Results indicate that the Duravis Van tyre can save up to 95.85 litres of petrol, 80.79 litres of diesel, or 373.12 kWh for electric vans per year. These savings, which amount to approximately £895 annually for a fleet of five vans or £17,900 for a fleet of 100, highlight the tyre's potential to significantly reduce operating costs.

Bridgestone’s Consumer Sales Director, Brett Emerson, elaborates on the findings: “The Duravis Van tyre is designed to deliver cost savings, convenience, and longevity for van fleets and drivers. This is achieved through our use of pioneering technologies, including ENLITEN Technology, which enhances tyre performance and sustainability by offering best-in-class mileage and improved fuel/energy efficiency.”

The study further identifies the Duravis Van tyre as a versatile solution for both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicles (EV), noting its ability to improve wear tolerance and battery life for EVs due to its low rolling resistance.

In addition to economic and environmental benefits, the tyre incorporates a Sidewall Protector Rib to reduce kerbside damage, enhancing durability. The Duravis Van tyre complements Bridgestone's Duravis All Season tyre, designed to provide consistent performance across various weather conditions, ensuring safety and reliability.

The academic study commissioned by Bridgestone and conducted by Warwick Business School offers valuable insights into the economic and environmental benefits of the Duravis Van tyre for fleet operators. By providing data-driven evidence of savings and sustainability, Bridgestone aims to assist operators in making informed decisions about their tyre choices, ultimately impacting their bottom line and environmental footprint.

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