Bridgestone Retail UK Leverages Anton Wessels' Three-Decade Expertise for Strategic Growth

Bridgestone Retail UK continues to draw significant benefits from the expertise of Anton Wessels, who took charge as the Retail Managing Director nine months ago. Wessels, who has a robust background in the automotive retail industry, is currently steering the operations of both the First Stop network and ETB Autocentres with a dynamic and people-focused approach.

Having accrued nearly 30 years of experience primarily at TiAuto Investments in South Africa, Wessels is applying his extensive knowledge to enhance operations in the UK. His strategic focus remains on investing in people and delivering value, a philosophy that he believes is central to cultivating business success and a strong organisational culture.

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Ben Smallman PR | ETB Autocentres Managing Director, Anton Wessels
Published on
April 23, 2024

Wessels articulated his vision of success as "making a difference and leaving a memorable impression with our staff and customers," highlighting the intrinsic value of impactful leadership and customer engagement in the automotive sector.

Under his leadership, ETB Autocentres is prioritising the development of a compelling employee value proposition. Wessels asserts the importance of people in the success equation of the network, focusing on harnessing and nurturing the talent within to deliver superior service. "My first impressions are that we have some extremely talented people here already, which bodes well for the future," he noted, emphasising the potential he sees within the existing team.

A notable aspect of Wessels' strategy is embedding each ETB depot more deeply into the communities they serve. This involves enhancing their role through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sponsorship initiatives, thereby reinforcing their presence and relevance locally.

For the First Stop network, Wessels is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of each franchise partner by offering tailored solutions that span from procurement to digital marketing. This bespoke approach is aimed at empowering partners to thrive in a competitive market.

Facing the rapid changes in the automotive industry, including the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), Wessels acknowledges the need for agility and adaptability across both brands he oversees. He emphasised the importance of adapting to these industry transformations to stay ahead and relevant.

In his concluding remarks, Wessels committed to enhancing the retail experience across Bridgestone Retail's networks, aiming to make each interaction memorable for customers of all ages and genders. "Customer experience is crucial," he added, underlining the commitment to consistency in service and personalisation in customer care.

By fostering a culture that celebrates and invests in its people, Wessels is confident in the future growth and success of Bridgestone Retail UK. His leadership approach not only aims to elevate the company's operations but also to resonate strongly with both employees and customers, ensuring a robust and sustainable growth trajectory for the company.

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