Bridgestone & Kwik Fit Shine with 'EV Ready' Tyre Tech at British Motor Show 2023

Bridgestone, a global leader in tyre technology, and Kwik Fit, the UK's leading automotive service provider, jointly unveiled their innovative 'EV Ready' tyre technology at the British Motor Show 2023. This collaboration attracted an impressive 58,000 attendees, marking a significant milestone for both brands.

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August 24, 2023

Charlotte Worthington, the Freestyle BMX gold medallist and Bridgestone ambassador, graced the event, sharing insights on Bridgestone's top-tier tyres. Her presence not only highlighted the brand's commitment to excellence but also served as a crowd-puller, with families eagerly engaging and participating in activities at the Bridgestone stand.

The star of the show was Bridgestone's ENLITEN tyre technology platform. This future-ready platform is tailored to cater to the diverse needs of every driver. Notably, the Turanza 6, equipped with ENLITEN, is versatile, suitable for internal combustion engines, hybrids, and electric vehicles. The Potenza Sport and Potenza Race tyres, also featuring prominently, further solidified Bridgestone's position as a frontrunner in tyre innovation.

Brett Emerson, Bridgestone's Consumer Sales Director, commented, "The British Motor Show is a testament to Bridgestone's dedication to innovation. Our collaboration with Kwik Fit has allowed us to showcase our advanced tyre technology and engage with a vast audience."

Echoing this sentiment, Andy Lane, Marketing Director at Kwik Fit, emphasized the combined strength of Bridgestone and Kwik Fit. "Our partnership has enabled us to leave a lasting impression on thousands of motorists. With Bridgestone's unparalleled tyre portfolio and Kwik Fit's expansive UK network, we offer unmatched support to drivers across the UK."

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Bridgestone introduced its E8 company framework. The "Bridgestone E8 Commitment" is a pledge to create a carbon-neutral mobility society, advance tyre technologies, and bring joy to the world of mobility.

The British Motor Show 2023 perfectly encapsulated Bridgestone's vision, aiming to inspire and innovate in the realm of mobility.

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