Bridgestone Brings ENLITEN® Technology to Motorsports Through Tyres Using 63% Recycled and Renewable Materials

Bridgestone, has taken a monumental step towards a sustainable future in motorsports. The company announced its groundbreaking initiative to supply teams at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) with tyres crafted using 63% recycled and renewable materials. This marks the debut of the company's ENLITEN® technology in the realm of motorsport competition.

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August 30, 2023

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a grueling 3,000-kilometer race across the vast terrains of Australia, will witness these custom-designed tyres in action. These tyres are not just about sustainability but are also engineered to meet the unique challenges of the race, emphasising Bridgestone's commitment to safety, performance, and innovation in motorsports.

Students at Durham University are gearing up for an exciting adventure in Australia as they prepare to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

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As Bridgestone celebrates its 60th anniversary in motorsport activities this year, its support for the BWSC and sustainable motorsport initiatives shines a spotlight on the "Energy" and "Emotion" values central to the Bridgestone E8 commitment.

ENLITEN®: The Future of Tyre Technology

ENLITEN® represents Bridgestone's avant-garde approach to tyre design, especially in the EV era. This technology goes beyond conventional tyre design, focusing on environmental performance without compromising on product performance. The tyres for the 2023 BWSC, equipped with ENLITEN®, are tailored to meet the extreme demands of the race, including factors like low rolling resistance, wear, and weight. Bridgestone's vision is clear: to increase both social and customer value through this innovative technology.

A Sustainable Approach: 63% Recycled and Renewable Materials

The tyres for the BWSC event boast a Material Circularity Number (MCN) of 63%, a significant leap from the 30% achieved in the 2019 event. These tyres incorporate recycled organic fiber, recovered carbon black, recycled rubber chemical, recycled oil, and reinforcement material using recycled steel. Additionally, cruiser class tyres have been developed using rice husk silica and carbon black recovered through pyrolysis of used tyres.

Eco-Friendly Logistics with DHL

In a bid to further its sustainable initiatives, Bridgestone has partnered with DHL, aiming for zero emissions by 2050. The tyre shipments for the BWSC will be 100% carbon neutral, thanks to DHL's GoGreen Plus solution.

As the title sponsor of the BWSC, the company is keen on fostering innovation and sustainability, inspiring the next generation of engineers to create breakthrough technologies for a greener tomorrow.

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