Bond International Introduces Admiral Tyres to the UK Market

Tyre wholesaler Bond International, has officially unveiled the Admiral tyre brand.

The late Reg Bond, who acquired the trademark for Admiral in 1996, envisioned this moment, and his legacy now takes a significant stride forward.

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Bond International
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February 23, 2024

Sailun, a renowned tyre manufacturer, is responsible for producing the Admiral tyres, which have already begun making their way into the UK market. Bond International representatives reveal that the Admiral lineup boasts a comprehensive range, including run-flat and electric variants. Notably, a majority of sizes feature a unique pattern, earning the tyre an impressive "A" rating for wet grip.

Charlie Bond, CEO of Bond International, expressed his pride in bringing his father's idea to life. He stated, "We are confident this brand will be popular in the UK and around the world. Sailun is a top-class factory, producing a high-quality tyre deserving of the Admiral name."

Bond International, formed in 1966, is currently experiencing its busiest period. The recent launch of the Admiral tyre aligns with the company's expansion plan outlined in 2019. Charlie Bond, along with Greg Bond, is optimistic about the brand's success and hinted at more developments in the future.

With recent acquisitions, including Viking International wholesale operation and a joint venture with GoodTread in Scotland, Bond International continues to make strategic moves.

As these tyres hit the road, they are poised to make waves not only in the UK but globally, further solidifying Bond International's position in the competitive tyre market.

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